Gotham Officially Casts New Actor As Scarecrow

Gotham Officially Casts New Actor As Scarecrow

For those who watch the hit fox series, “Gotham”, it is no surprise when a villainous character gets replaced in between season. This has been the case for a few villains on the show, including that of Poison Ivy, who is now on its third switch of actor taking over the role (now being played by Peyton List in the current season), and has now made its way to the infamous Batman villain, Scarecrow. As this news has begun to take on some major buzz after rumors began just mere weeks ago, we are here to give you some of the details regarding the switch, and what could result because of it. With that said, let’s take a look at what we can expect when “Gotham” returns to the air.

Charlie Tahan, The Original Scarecrow

As fans watched the season four premiere of “Gotham”, they were finally introduced to this Batman villain that was played by actor Charlie Tahan. Although it was only a short, two episode appearance, Tahan’s character was well received by viewers all over, and many are surprised at the switch. Apparently, it was not a creative decision in regard to the writing and producing teams of the show, but was actually brought on by Tahan himself as he could not find a good balance between filming this series as well as his Netflix series “Ozark”.

David W. Thompson, The New Face

Rumors about the possible recasting of the Scarecrow character first began circulating in the media back in 2017, and now has, of course, been officially confirmed. David W. Thompson is officially set to take on the role of Scarecrow when the current season returns this spring. Only time will tell if this actor is received quite as well as Tahan’s portrayal was previously.

Loop Hole

There is the possibility of a loop hole in this mix that could potentially allow for Tahan to make an appearance or two as the show continues on. The only thing that would damper the speculation of this possibility is whether Thompson’s new character will portray the Jonathan Crane character, or whether his new character will just take on the Scarecrow persona in another form. If the latter of this speculation is indeed true, it could allow for Tahan to make appearances and still maintain this character in a sense of the word.

Only time will tell as to how this role reversal of sorts pans out. There are some fans and audiences who just don’t favor the recasting of character throughout the series, and other series for that matter. Unfortunately, when it comes to scheduling and other projects, it is sometimes a decision that just can’t be avoided, and is essentially out of the control of the show. Either way, fans will be able to see this new adaptation of the villainous Scarecrow character when “Gotham” returns to Fox on March 1st. Make sure to tune in and set your DVR to catch all of the drama and suspense that is Gotham City.

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