Who Is The Millennial Heartthrob, Phoebe Tonkin Dating?

Who Is The Millennial Heartthrob, Phoebe Tonkin Dating?

Phoebe Tonkin literally came into our screens and blew us away. Her presence on Television is nearly immortal as we first start seeing her as a spitfire witch in The Secret Circle. Showing us she has much more up her sleeve; the breathtaking actress took us by storm as she played Hayley Marshall, a werewolf in The Vampire Diaries.

Who Is The Millennial Heartthrob, Phoebe Tonkin Dating?

Credit: @phoebejtonkin

It was a classic hit that honestly made you want to stay in high school forever. Should I even start on her stellar performance in The Originals? Simply put, it was amazing, and I am still in love with the likes ok Niklaus Mikaelson and the badass hybrid Hayley transitioned to be. It was a show I won’t mind rewatching a couple of times.

Phoebe’s Dynamic Lovelife

Well, we not only know Phoebe because of her mega acting skills, but we also know and love her because of her astounding beauty. She’s the type that when she was in a room, everyone would literally stop what they were doing to watch her. That’s how beautiful she is!

That brings us to our juicy topic of the day, who the hell caught the eye of the dazzling sensation? After a thorough search on the internet and her Instagram, Phoebe Tonkin appears to be single. She does deserve a prince and certainly doesn’t mind waiting.

Who Is The Millennial Heartthrob, Phoebe Tonkin Dating?

Credit: @alexandergreenwald

Alex Greenwald And Phoebe Tonkin

We honestly thought that their love was one made in heaven when she announced that they were dating through an Instagram post on June 29. The photo she posted showed a kissing snap of her and the Phantom Planet singer.

She then added a caption, “wear yo masks!” and all I have to say was that they really looked good together. The photo was too cute, showing the couple puckering up while they had on face coverings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It had already gotten hot and steamy two months before when Alex Greenwald showed off his relationship with the beauty. Who honestly wouldn’t want that? Sigh.

Who Is The Millennial Heartthrob, Phoebe Tonkin Dating?

Credit: @alexandergreenwald

The photo he shared showed Phoebe lying on a bed, and the shirt she had on had his band’s name printed on it. He captioned;

“The new @phantomplanet shirt comes with the girl. Please, please buy a shirt; it’s been 21 days. I need her out of my house. @hellomerch.”

The Originals alum also threw a few hints of their beautiful romance. She made two social media posts that supported Greenwald’s new career.

I hate that it ended. Phoebe deleted the picture of the two of them, but we still haven’t gotten an official breakup statement.

Who Is The Millennial Heartthrob, Phoebe Tonkin Dating?

Credit: @paulwesley

Phoebe x Paul Wesley

There is nothing that gets me more excited than a co-actors love bubble. Phoebe and the handsome Paul had a pretty long relationship just before she started dating Alex. Paul was the hot and steamy Stephan in vampire diaries and I bet you also couldn’t get enough of him.

Surprisingly enough, Phoebe did, and the two lovebirds broke up in 2017 after dating since 2013. That’s a long time, and yes, it also broke my heart when they separated.

“They are still good friends. The relationship just ran its course,” E! News reported.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and ED Westwick

Before our breathtaking actress started dating Paul, she was in a particularly interesting love circle with Joseph Gordon-Levitt back in 2012. Their relationship was pretty short-lived, and the award-winning actor is now married to Tasha McCauley.

Who Is The Millennial Heartthrob, Phoebe Tonkin Dating?

Credit: @phoebejtonkin

Back in 2011, Phoebe also dated the somewhat problematic Ed Westwick. This happened at the height of his Gossip Girl stardom, but just like with Joseph, it was pretty short-lived.

Phoebe Tonkin And Tom Felton

I’ll be very honest with you; I seriously couldn’t believe that or werewolf turned hybrid actually dated the Harry Potter wizard. Tom impressed millions in the Harry Potter franchise with his role as Draco Malfoy. This interesting bit of information certainly blew our fantasy minds, and I can’t help but wonder how their relationship played out. They dated for a whole two years, guys, without me knowing! That was from 2006-2008. All I have to say is that I would definitely kill for a werewolf-wizard YA fantasy novel.

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