What We Learned from The His Dark Materials Season 2 Trailer

What We Learned from The His Dark Materials Season 2 Trailer

What We Learned from The His Dark Materials Season 2 Trailer

When war is on the horizon things tend to get very tense as many people in this world could likely tell us, but the trailer for His Dark Materials season 2 is quite adept at making this point with several large-scale shots and others that are indicative of what’s about to happen to the worlds that are being forced to collide in ways that will bring about the end of one side or the other and change the courses of many that are involved in the conflict. After following Lord Asriel from one world to the next, Lyra has made it clear that her determination is not wavering, nor is she going to abandon her quest. But the dire consequences that her choices and those of others are creating is shown quite easily in this trailer for season 2 since the conflict that was already brewing is about to kick off, and the battle lines that have been drawn are going to be tested and even wiped away in the coming maelstrom that will be unleashed to consume both enemy and ally alike. And in the middle of it all, Asriel, Lyra, and Will will find themselves embroiled in their own struggles that will force them to make hard decisions that will affect them in the times to come. In other words, the second season looks like it’s about to be absolutely intense, and a lot of people are already excited about it.

So far the show hasn’t disappointed since it’s outdone the movie The Golden Compass by leaps and bounds despite the fact that the cast isn’t as well known in some regards. But as one might expect, people now know and recognize many of the cast members after having watched the first season and it’s bound to happen that they’ll continue to remember those that will return and those that might be showing up for the first time in the series. Just by watching the trailer it’s evident that things are going to be getting quite serious since war isn’t just looming, it’s on the way, and will bound to be as violent as it can be as destruction will reign across the worlds and the response will need to be swift and retributive in a way that will leave no doubt that the Magisterium is not the only force that is capable of delivering upon a threat that has been implied for so long. The return to the show is going to be something that people will no doubt be setting on their calendars for November so that they don’t miss the release of the second season.

It’s been mentioned that a third season is already in the works, at least in the form of a script should it be approved. The reasons it might not are plentiful enough since anything can happen when it comes to show business, and the whole idea of the pandemic wreaking havoc on filming schedules is a reality that many people have had to deal with in the last several months. If the third season is bound to get the green light though it’s very likely that we won’t see it until near the end of next year, especially if the filming schedule is going to be disrupted more than once due to COVID concerns. Hey, it’s the time we live in, it happens, and it’s likely to continue to keep happening until such time as someone can come up with a vaccine that will put COVID-19 in the rearview as so many people are hoping for. So far the story hasn’t been disrupted, which is thankful, but it’s also likely that much of the filming was done before the coronavirus really started shutting things down. Anything that needs to be done from this point forward is going to be likely subjected to the safety protocols that have been put into place and will probably be a while in coming. That’s okay to be certain since the second season looks like it might create a great deal of buzz that will be able to last for a while since it’s likely that people will want to talk about what’s going on and what it will mean for a possible third season if it’s to come along.

This is the type of story that needs to continue obviously since there’s simply too much to get out there and the storytelling is great enough at this point that one can’t help but think that it will continue to amaze those that are ready and willing to follow the story wherever it’s bound to go. As of now, season two will be coming in short order, and it might be necessary to brush up on the first season just to be certain that one remembers everything that has already happened.

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