What We Learned from The First Trailer of Tenet

What we can ascertain thus far from the Tenet trailer is that it’s going to be a slightly crazy movie, and a lot of people are bound to love it while some might be willing to sit on the sidelines and say that there are flaws that can’t be unseen, especially when it comes to time travel and anything that has to do with this cinematic technique. Christopher Nolan has put together another thriller that’s going to have people talking for a while with this one since anything having to do with perception and an idea that everything isn’t what it seems is almost always bound to spark a debate that’s bound to separate ideas and keep people talking about one possibility versus another. This is after all the guy that brought us Inception, so it’s more than fair to say that he’ll be looking to force people to think around corners and possibly even further since thus far this movie looks like one that could possibly challenge a lot of people and their ideas about how time works. Obviously we’ve seen that happen more than once this year but thus far in this trailer it’s a view that does feel familiar but still has its own flavor it would appear.

So far as knowing any more about the movie the information is, as Zack Sharf of IndieWire reports being kept close, under lock and key as the saying goes. But one thing that’s fairly obvious is that Christopher Nolan has become one of the biggest names in Hollywood as of late since his movies have been some of the most provocative and mind-bending for the audience. Saying that this movie is bound to be crazy in its storytelling is a positive note since it will no doubt take us out of a comfort zone that we’re happy staying in and challenge us in a way that’s not pandering to any one audience member but also isn’t forcing our minds into a channel that we’re not prepared for in any way. Thankfully Nolan has this type of skill and the experience with which to use it so as to invite the audience in and give them a great story without imposing a vision upon them or forcing them to think the way he does. Perception is a big part of the movies and when a director decides to simply create a movie without forcing their own perception upon people, while at the same time instilling the vision they want, then real magic can happen.

What appears to happen in Tenet is very much along the lines of many movies that have been seen, the main character is a highly-trained individual that’s invited, putting it nicely, to a program that’s even more specialized and is insanely dangerous and seeks to remedy a problem that many people don’t even know about. From that point his training and his world change in such a way that even he can’t fully understand it all the time so he tries to make his way through it by using what senses he has and simply feeling his way around until he gets his bearings. It’s a very cool idea and with the addition of some sort of time-altering method Tenet thus far looks like it could be one of the more intriguing movies of 2020. Jacob Kastrenakes of The Verge has more to say on this. Some might think this is saying something but when you really get a good look at the roster that’s being set up for next year you might want to realize that there are a lot of groundbreaking movies that are coming along and several that might be just what we expect. With Tenet there’s not a lot of chance to expect anything despite how much of it might look familiar to other movies. That’s a very classic psych out that some directors either like to use or are simply skilled at, tricking the audience into thinking that they know what’s coming since they see the formulaic use of this or that. It could be that people will read too much into the trailer and expect one thing or another, but it would likely be wiser to simply sit down and watch the movie when it comes out.

That’s the best part of any movie after all, suspending your expectations until it’s loud and clear what they should be and why. When it comes to Tenet one should probably place their expectations on hold and just sit down to what looks like a pleasing and amazing story that might manage to enchant those that don’t bother walking into the theater thinking they know everything that’s about to happen. Simply letting it happen and enjoying what comes is a great way to watch a movie, and being mystified is a definite perk since it allows a person to be fully and genuinely pleased by what comes.

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