What True Fans Should Know about Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful fans have a little bit more knowledge about the show that’s fresh and open than some of the fans of the other shows on the television right now. You see, it’s only been on the air since the late 80s, which means some of the original fans of the show have been around to watch since then. It’s a little harder to be around from the beginning when the show started in the early 60s, but some people have managed to make that happen. The thing here, though, is that so many people remember what they want, and they forget the rest. Are you a true fan? If you are a true fan, you know a lot about this show, but you should know a few things more than others.

The Logans and the Forresters

When the show started, it was not all love and light and happy things between these families. In fact, it was quite the opposite for them. You see, there was a time when they were not a family that liked the other. You see, there was a very ugly situation between Stefanie and Brooke, and it was something that caused these two families to fight for many, many years. What was their problem, exactly? A real fan would know that it had so much to do with the fact that Brooke was always up in the business of the Forrester family, from getting everyone to divorce their spouses to getting Ridge to change his mind a million times about things to getting Eric to marry her not once but twice. Their family history goes back a long way, and it’s all because of Brooke and Stefanie, yet Brooke is also the one who has managed to bring these two families together over the years.

Bill Spencer Jr. Was an Unknown

Before the Bill we know and love was on the scene causing problem after problem for this family, there was another Bill on the market. His father was the patriarch of this family, and he was big on doing this thing where he lied to everyone about all his kids. He first said that Caroline was his only child. When she fell ill and passed away in the very early 90s, it turned out he lied for many years about her being a twin with a sister named Karen. She’d been kidnapped as a baby, but someone found her and that was that. Then, Bill Sr. died, and suddenly his will is filled with things like leaving half of his stuff to the son that no one ever knew he had. Enter Bill Spencer Jr. who has his father’s name, his business sense, yet an entire life of not knowing his father. What a strange situation, but it’s one that does work for us.

Brooke Takes All the Husbands

No man is off-limits to this woman. She doesn’t care if you are married, divorced, single, widowed, expecting a baby, spoken for by her own sister — it doesn’t matter. If she feels that there is a man who deserves her attention, she gives it to him, and then she allows herself to fall for him and he for her. She’s taken the men in the entire Forrester family and made them her own at one point or another. She’s taken a married Eric, Ridge, and Thorne under her wing and had relations with all of them. She even has two kids with her own husband’s father, and that is nothing short of kind of weird for all of us. But, true fans know that no one will ever be mad at her for anything she does. No one will ever leave her behind or not forgive her. She’s good friends with every man she’s ever had kids with, married, broken up a marriage, and even her own sister forgave her for interfering with her own marriage and taking her husband to make him her own. She even had an affair with her own daughter’s husband at one point. Brooke is an ugly person, but she doesn’t seem to realize it, care, or even know she is.

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