What Some Actors Think About To Make Themselves Cry

What Some Actors Think About To Make Themselves Cry

Figuring out how to make yourself cry is something that many people tend to differ on when it comes to the method, but there are a few different things that can be done to bring on the waterworks in a movie or a TV show on command, and sometimes they’re not even needed. Tears are a part of crying for many people of course, but there are moments when intense emotion might be best and tears might not be needed. But for those times when they’re in demand, many actors have their own methods that tend to work in a reliable manner. A lot of actors might tell a person that remembering a time when they were presented with something so intensely sad would work since the mere memory might be enough to get them crying. Some folks might even cite the act of pulling a nose hair free since many types of trauma that happen to the nose can make a person tear up. But apart from causing any undue physical pain one of the best methods is to draw upon a saddening experience and use it to push the scene. Some might say that this is less than useful since it creates more emotions than are needed, and there are times when emotions are a little too difficult to just put away. Some folks tend to think that this ability makes actors a bit crazy and hard to be around, and in truth, it might be hard to know when they’re acting and when they’re not, but for moments in the movies that require crying on command it’s best to know how to summon up those distressing emotions, and in order to avoid slipping an emotional cog or two it might be a good idea to take a moment after said scenes to wind down and allow those emotions to rest for a spell.

Hopefully it wouldn’t surprise a lot of folks, but it might surprise some, but fiction writers are nuts in this manner as well since we don’t just feel the emotions, we’re actually placing them in the stories we write, and those that are highly sensitive to such emotions might spend a good deal of time learning how to handle them in order to get anything done. So to be fair, actors aren’t entirely crazy when it comes to emotions, but the best among them know how to manipulate them when needed how to dial them down when they’re not needed. Some might want to say this is the mark of a sociopath or a psychopath, but the truth is that this is their job, whether it’s laugh as though they’ve just heard the funniest joke in the world or cry as if they’ve just lost someone very dear to them. Acting is a job, and a person tends to do what they have to for a job, which makes the comments that many people have levied about many actors and their ability to cry during a performance kind of silly. Those that are a little too overly critical about this process might be missing the point or think that they have the method nailed but fail to realize that everyone has their own way of doing things. Others might simply not understand how it works, which is a little more excusable. But the whole point is that when it comes to crying on camera the idea is that the actor needs to do something, to bring up some excuse to feel sad, since crying when happy looks very different than crying when sad.

What’s really funny is that sadness doesn’t always have to be expressed through crying, but as a visual, this method is certainly one of the best ways since tears tend to get a lot of people on board with the emotions that are being felt and give them a better indication that the character is in fact feeling a deep, intense sorrow that could very easily be heart-wrenching and might even be something that an audience member has experienced in their life. There are moments of sorrow that don’t require tears when actors can give such a great performance that a person can’t help but feel their heartbreaking for the character since the look in their eyes, the slump of their shoulders, and the broken, dejected look upon their face makes it quite clear that they’ve been emotionally gutted and are incapable of doing anything other than breathing on their own at that moment. Sadness comes in several different ways, but the movies often depict crying as one of those that convey emotions that can be extremely shallow or incredibly deep. Many actors know how to cry since there are different methods that do work. The trick is whether or not they can be convincing.

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