What Nicolas Cage Could Have looked Like if Superman Lives Became a Reality

What Nicolas Cage Could Have looked Like if Superman Lives Became a Reality

What Nicolas Cage Could Have looked Like if Superman Lives Became a Reality

So, Superman would have looked like a wild-eyed nut if Nicolas Cage had been given the role? That’s what it kind of looks like since between Cage and Brandon Routh it does feel that Cage would look absolutely manic given that this is his default setting at times. But the fact that he was up for the role at one point is something that many people have never been able to forget, and for good reason. He wanted the role after all and was likely poised to take it if things had gone through the way he wanted. But something ended up happening and the chance passed him by, which a lot of people are grateful for and some might actually have felt sorry to see go since to be fair it would have been different. It’s hard to agree that it would have been good, but it would have been different all the same. Even when he was younger, well, especially when he was younger, Nicolas Cage was all over the map at times and it worked for a lot of his roles, but it doesn’t sound like something that would work for the role of Superman or Clark Kent simply because neither character, yes I know they’re the same, acted in the manner that Cage is known to act.

There are bound to be a lot of people that don’t agree, but Nicolas Cage doesn’t really come off as one of the many superhero types that are seen in the comics, and even his turn as Johnny Blaze didn’t really stand out in a big way. He wasn’t horrible, that much can be said, but he wasn’t so great that picking him to play the role again would be the choice of many people if such a thing was possible. For one reason or another, he just doesn’t come off as someone that people would follow if he was playing a heroic character, though it’s not to say that he wouldn’t belong in the comics at all since there are some characters that he might actually be able to play. His general demeanor and attitude could open him up to a lot of characters that are kind of offbeat and around the bend, but Superman isn’t one of them. Honestly, he could have possibly played the character of Legion from the Marvel universe since his ability to act nutty and then go quiet and then flip out in the next second is impressive enough to make such a thing happen.

It’s definitely thankful that this never happened since every time Cage looks at someone in this clip, yes I know it’s not entirely accurate, his eyes bug out and he looks as though he’s about to launch into one of his long-winded manic episodes. But despite his desire to play the role, it’s best that he didn’t get it. Cage has been great in a lot of roles, but this wouldn’t have been one of them had it been added to his list of credits. There are those that want roles in this manner and feel that they would nail it without fail, but when this kind of thing does happen it tends to come through in a very odd way that doesn’t always work. Simply wanting to do something doesn’t mean that a person CAN or SHOULD do something. There are plenty of actors that have vied for various roles over the years, and while there have been moments in which the wrong actor appears to have been given the role, there have been plenty of moments that can be counted as success stories since someone else ended up taking the role and making it work. Those that have taken on the mantle of Superman haven’t been perfect, but they’ve still exemplified the hero a little more than Cage could, since like it or not, the square jaw of Cavill has kind of beaten everyone out lately and the look of Hoechlin and Routh even went further than Cage might have since to be serious, he doesn’t have the look. It almost feels as though those pushing for him to get the role might have known this, but wanted to see what would happen if he did get the role.

With all respect, Cage is a great actor and despite having starred in so many clunkers lately, the guy has put forth some great movies in his time. But Superman wasn’t meant to be, especially since back when he was younger and might have been given the role had things been different, he was just a little too out there at times. Some might want to state that he could have toned it down, but they might have realized that Cage didn’t just ‘tone it down’ that often back in the day.

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