The Top Five Mark Wahlberg Yelling Scenes in Movies

And welcome back to another round of the Yelling Game! I’ve been told that there’s a good yelling scene featuring Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights, but I’ll be dipped if I can find it. However there are a lot of other scenes where everyone’s favorite Wahlberg is seen letting it rip with one of his trademark yells as he either sprints away from danger or directly towards it. In every movie it seems his yelling is so intense that you can fully believe that he means it with everything he has. Obviously he holds nothing back and goes for broke when he opens his mouth in either amazed bewilderment or with pure intent. A lot of times he’s a quiet, unassuming character in his movies but when he gets worked up and starts yelling you know things are about to get intense.

Here are just a few of his best yelling scenes.

5. Pain and Gain

It’s almost painful to watch a smart actor act like a completely nincompoop but Wahlberg certainly pulls it off in this film. However when his character realizes that game is up the first expletive out of his mouth isn’t stated calmly, it’s released in a sudden torrent that lets you know that it’s time to run and get your burn on at another time and place if you want to avoid prison time.

4. Fear

Obsessed much? As a younger actor he was downright creepy when he wanted to be, and his portrayal of an imbalanced young man that’s completely in love, some version of it anyway, with the young woman of his dreams is flat out unnerving. I wonder if he ever creeps himself out when he’s getting ready for his roles. This one would have scared the heck out almost anyone.

3. Shooter

He doesn’t raise his voice much in this film but when he does it’s either during the action or following it since as a sniper you really don’t want to raise your voice before or during your shot. Snipers are after all supposed to be silent killers right up until the moment they have you in their crosshairs. Then it really doesn’t matter if they make noise unless there’s more than one target to take out.

2. Transformers: Age of Extinction

Yeah, if you’re running towards a killer robot firing an alien gun that doubles as a sword then you might want to throw some emotion in there as well. The chances are good that this might be the last time that you get to show any kind of emotion so something close to anger would be a good bit of motivation to keep your feet moving and your finger on the trigger.

1. Four Brothers

This entire family is just unbalanced and it shows when they start chipping away at each other halfway through the movie. There are good reasons for it of course but the fact that they’re so easily distracted and able to be turned on one another only makes it easier to single them out. Fortunately they do eventually come together near the end.

Mark Wahlberg is usually a quiet guy, until you make him mad, surprise him, or otherwise startle him.

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