What John Wick Would Look Like on Every Animated TV Show

At least Dino Tomic is admitting these John Wick representations came about partially because he was bored, but looking at all of them it’s easy to think that only a couple look even vaguely intimidating since the Rick and Morty version and the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure version look as though they’d be characters to watch out for. No offense to Dino, but the others look downright cuddly by comparison. As Tom Chatalbash of Screenrant might agree, John Wick has become something of a phenomenon on the big screen since the first movie was enough to draw the interest of many eager fans, while the second and third movies have had people buzzing about what a continuing saga could mean for the famed assassin. In a way though it almost feels as though the fourth should be the last John Wick movie ever made, or perhaps a lead-in the epic finale that pits John against the High Table. Despite his life-saving deal that was made in the third movie to take out Winston and thereby save his own life, it definitely feels at this point as though it’s John Wick against the world on a regular day, but John Wick, the Bowery King, and possibly Winston against the High Table when we finally get to see another movie.

The reason behind thinking that Winston could have been covering his own end and that the entire shooting John off of a roof scene was planned ahead of time is pretty simple: it was done way too easily. Adam Holmes of CinemaBlend has more on this topic. Winston re-established his power base for a short time at least by taking John out of the equation, and with enough resources and a decent amount of time it’s obvious that he’s the kind of guy that can pool what he has and make it work to his advantage. Of course, given the kind of forces that the High Table can throw against their enemies it’s hard to imagine that even the Bowery King and Winston pooling their forces, along with John and his murderous quest to simply get out of the game, would be quite enough. That’s how it looks on paper anyway, on the big screen it looks as though the bodies littering the various floors are proof that John is a one-man army that, with a little help, could become nigh unstoppable. Now that Zero and his students, at least most of them hopefully, are out of the picture, it’s likely that the city of New York could become a killing ground as the Bowery King’s remaining forces and John Wick, if he recovers, could make the streets run red when taking on the High Table and their forces. It might also mean the end of John Wick at one point, but that too would sound kind of fitting since at this point he’s living for vengeance and not much else.


One thing about the Rick and Morty version of Wick is kind of interesting to think about. Since there are multiple Rick and Morty’s, think about multiple John Wick’s that could be pulled from across different realities and worlds. Imagine that many master assassins being pooled together and then turned against an enemy with the strict intent to eliminate with extreme prejudice. That’s almost a scary thought really since so many John Wick’s would be a nightmare to many enemies given that the level of training, the skill set, and the dogged determination to see his way through a hit could probably wipe New York clean of any competing assassin in short order. Just one John Wick is enough to clear a room of combatants, though if anyone noticed in part three Zero and his students were going a little easy on Wick for sport. There were a few times when Wick could have been taken out or at least seriously wounded had the other fighters been serious about it. As indestructible as he appears sometimes, John is also the recipient of a bit of luck and respect that comes from his reputation. While he’s definitely a little above and beyond when it comes to a fighter, John is still great to watch since the realism that takes place in each fight is fun to watch given that when he takes a hit there’s something to show for it. He isn’t superhuman in other words and can’t take one hit after another without being slowed down a bit. Johnny Brayson of Watch Charge has something else to say about this.

It’s intriguing to think that each version of John Wick might act differently in their given universe since it’s very possible that, if this ever went further, that he’d have to be toned down or left alone with his methods depending on the animated series. For instance, you wouldn’t really expect anything in the PowerPuff Girls to get excessively bloody, but in Family Guy it’d be par for the course.

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