Who Is Ali Spice? The TikTok Star’s Life and Tragic Death

Who Is Ali Spice? The TikTok Star’s Life and Tragic Death
Who Is Ali Spice? The TikTok Star’s Life and Tragic Death

Famous TikTok star Ali Spice left a huge vacuum upon her death which shook social media on December 11, 2022. Known for her dancing and lip-sync videos, Spice had an impressive fanbase of thousands of followers on social media. Altogether, she posted mostly content about her everyday experiences. She also had a presence on Twitch and Instagram with a large following.

Following the tragic death of the social media sensation, tributes flooded the streets of TikTok and other platforms. Fans expressed their emotions in different languages. More so, mixed reactions followed the arrests of some individuals in connection to Ali Spice’s death. Read on for more revealing details about the life and tragic death of the TikToker.

Where Was Ali Spice From and What Was Her Real Name?

Ali Spice

Ali Spice was originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, but she was born in Georgia. Her real name was Alexandra Dulin, as revealed by her father, James Dulin, who was devasted by her death. Ali Spice seemed very close to her father, who spoke to her the day before she died. They were making plans for her trip back home to Indiana for Christmas. James Dulin described his daughter as the light of his life. He took solace in the tributes and heart-warming messages about how she also touched many lives positively. Ali Spice was home for Thanksgiving before her death, and that was the last time her family saw her.

Aside from her job at Hooters, nothing much has been made public about Ali Spice’s life before fame. The schools she attended and the level of education she attained are not public knowledge. Nonetheless, she leveraged her popularity on social media to touch many lives and made a name for herself.

She Went From Hooters Waitress To Prominence On TikTok

TikTok Star Ali Space

Ali Spice was widely loved by her numerous fans who enjoyed her dancing and lip-sync videos. Before TikTok shot her to social media prominence, Spice was a Hooters waitress. Some of the content she shared with her followers give a glimpse of what it was like for her as a waitress.

In an interview with Fox 35 after his daughter’s death, Spice’s father described her as “a hard-working proud young lady who carved out her own entrepreneurial path.” Before her death, Ali Spice had over 96,000 followers on Instagram and 919,000 followers on TikTok. With almost a million followers on TikTok, Ali Spice was one of the most popular personalities on the internet who received mostly positive comments for the positive vibes she dished out.

Ali Spice Was Killed In A Hit-and-Run Car Crash By a Wrong-Way Driver

Ali Spice on Instagram

On that fateful day, December 11, 2022, Ali Spice and three friends — her boyfriend Devin Perkins, Kyle Moser, and Ava Fellerman were traveling on State Road 44 near DeLand. It was there a wrong-way driver crashed into their black Infinity Q50. Spice, 21, Moser, 25, and Fellerman, 20, died from injuries sustained in the crash. Ali Spice’s boyfriend, Devin Perkins, who was driving their car, survived the crash but suffered severe injuries.

The wrong-way driver, identified as Thomas Petry, also crashed into two other vehicles before fleeing the accident scene on foot. He left his Toyota Tacoma and an injured passenger behind. Attempts by a sheriff’s K-9 unit to capture the Tacoma driver failed, and the female passenger he left behind refused to give any helpful information to the Florida Highway Patrol investigators. Subsequently, the car was impounded, and an investigation was launched to fish out the wrong-way driver.

Two People, Including Ali Spice’s Boyfriend, Were Arrested For Her Death

Ali Spice on Instagram

Almost four months after the fatal accident that claimed three lives, two men were arrested. 54-year-old Thomas Petry, who was reportedly driving the Tacoma that crashed into Ali Spice’s car, was apprehended by the authorities. The numerous charges Petry’s faces include three counts of vehicular homicide, three counts of leaving a fatal accident scene, and reckless driving. Surprisingly, Ali’s Spice’s boyfriend, Devin Perkins, was also arrested. Apparently, he was driving at 100 mph when the crash occurred. Thus, Perkins was charged with reckless driving and three counts of vehicular homicide.

Ali Spice‘s dad openly expressed disappointment about Perkins’ arrest in connection to the accident. James Dulin said the joy of hearing about Petry’s was taken away when they learned that Perkins was also arrested. According to Dulin and other families of the victims, Perkins doesn’t deserve to be arrested or charged. Meanwhile, Perkins’s friends – Zachary Wilkerson and RJ Fleming, said he was an avid fan of trucks.

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