What is Actress Skai Jackson’s Net Worth in 2022?

What is Skai Jackson’s Net Worth?

Skai Jackson‘s net worth in 2022 is estimated to be $500K. While she may not have millions of dollars yet, she‘s doing well financially. From the age of five, she has been working steadily and is now widely recognized for her role in the Disney Channel series Jessie. Her character, Zuri Ross, was a fan favorite. Now at 20, Jackson is worth half a million dollars and is not concerned with how the world perceives her.

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What is the Story of the Gossip Girl Audition?

Here‘s the deal. Skai Jackson sent in an audition tape for the revival of the Gossip Girl franchise. The show, which is not even 20 years old, is getting a new version, and, to be frank, it‘s too soon. The original is still too new, the show was too good, and a revival is unlikely to do well. In our unprofessional opinion, Skai Jackson should be thankful she didn‘t get the role, as we do not see this new show doing well. But back to the point at hand: Someone shared her private audition tape with the world, and the internet decided to give their opinions. They called her a Disney Channel audition gone bad. While many jokes were lighthearted and goodnatured, some were cruel and, quite frankly, out of line. Where are their audition tapes? We don‘t remember seeing them put themselves out there to pursue their dreams of acting in Hollywood. Skai Jackson did, though. She got a no, but getting a no is often how we all learn to deal with failure and grow. Mock her all you want, internet, but Brad Pitt and George Clooney heard no more than a few times, and look at them now.

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Did Skai Jackson Respond to the Internet Hate Over Her Audition Tape?

Skai Jackson responded to the internet‘s laughter with a gold reply:That tape was four and a half years old; they also gave me no description of character or project and said I was playing at a younger age. Your tweets have me laughing tho. I have two movies coming out in 2023; it‘s okay, yall.” She didn‘t have to respond, but she did, and the response was gold. She‘s not concerned about an audition tape from 2018she‘s already a success, and 2023 will be a huge year for her.

Skai Jackson’s Early Life

She was born on April 8, 2002, in Staten Island and still resides there. From an early age, Skai Jackson felt a strong pull towards the limelight and began her career as a child model at a very young age. At five, she landed her first film role in Liberty Kid and things just kept growing from there. By seven, she was voicing a character on the popular Disney Channel animated series Bubble Guppies. But her big break came in 2011, when she was nine and cast in Jessie. The show ran for four years, and she received award nominations for her work.

Credit: @skaijackson

That changed Skai Jackson’s life, and it was all for the better. Now she is 20, and she’s a bona fide movie star. However, she only just begun to live the best years of her life, and we suspect that the two movies she has coming out in 2023 will send her into a new realm of success.

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