What Happens When Stormtroopers, Dinosaurs, Batman, Darth Vader, Spider-Man, and C-3P0 Enter a Mall

R2 and C3PO

So what happens when Batman, stormtroopers, dinosaurs, Darth Vader, Spider-Man, and C-3PO enter a mall? No, it’s not a lead-in to a joke, it’s an actual question since apparently all of these characters came together for a dance-off of sorts in a mall located in Iraq and started to dance to folk music that had a good beat but was otherwise interesting, to put it kindly, to look at since the whole spectacle was a bit odd, to say the least. It’s also easy to see that the costumes, apart from the dinosaurs, weren’t really the best, but the fun part about that is that kids don’t always tend to care so long as they can identify the character that someone is playing no matter how rough the costume looks. But unless there’s someone hiding in the wings or my eyes are going (hey, it happens) it doesn’t appear that Deadpool made an appearance as the video claims. But again, that could be a failing of perspective and not the actual video. But if anyone can imagine a real crossover involving all these characters that would be an insane movie or story to say the least since trying to call a fight, or an encounter, such as this, would likely leave one screaming louder and with greater excitement than a sports announcer that’s just witnessed a miraculous, beat the buzzer, last-ditch effort type of play.

Unfortunately, trying to imagine such a thing is all that’s bound to happen in that case since Spider-Man, Darth Vader, and dinosaurs don’t exactly go together and the poor lizards would probably find themselves getting chopped to pieces, blasted by stormtroopers (hey it could happen) or being knocked to the ground with a super-hard Spidey punch. But sharing a moment with a nice dance routine is kind of hilarious and no doubt gave the crowd something nice to watch as they stopped and listened and enjoyed the show. It could have been a nice break between stores for some, or just a moment to stand in the crowd and enjoy the show while taking a break from the grueling task of shopping. Whatever the reason for the show it was obvious that people were enjoying it since one person even held up their kid so that they could dance with one of the individuals, which is something you might not see in other countries but apparently was okay here. Every place has its own social mores after all, and the fact that in America this might not happen doesn’t mean it won’t happen elsewhere.

It is enough to wonder though how the cast of characters was decided upon since personally the last time I saw so many different characters in the same place was for the grand re-opening of  Toys R Us years ago after a renovation. Oh come on, folks still remember Toys R Us, it hasn’t been gone that long, and during the particular re-opening, it featured the trademark giraffe, Spider-Man, Barbie, Arthur, and Strawberry Shortcake. Unfortunately, there was no chance for all of them to get down and boogie since a couple of the costumes were too bulky and top-heavy and there was no room since people mobbed each character trying to get their picture taken, but it was still kind of impressive all the same. But again, one had to wonder how the characters were selected for this performance since it’s a strange mix that a lot of people might not think of all that often given that fantastical situations like this are usually the result of a child’s wild imagination when they’re playing with their toys. To be sure though, it’s not the strangest bunch that’s ever been put together in the history of pop culture, but seeing them dancing together was a bit strange. At the very least the dinosaurs were able to keep rhythm with everyone else and not topple over.

This kind of goes to show that pop culture is a global phenomenon and no matter how impressive or rough the costumes being used are, people have come to know about and enjoy various icons that have come along throughout the years to entertain us in a vast number of ways. It’s kind of funny really to think of which icons people tend to idolize the most and which they’ll use for various purposes now and then since the idea of villainous characters being so popular is really amusing. One could say that Darth Vader is popular because of his short but sweet redemption arc at the end of Return of the Jedi, but at the same time one could say that he’s been popular long before that, and people simply appear to have an affinity for the dark lord of the Sith. All in all though, the video is kind of amusing.

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