What We’ve Learned Watching 10 Seasons of “Bering Sea Gold”

What We’ve Learned Watching 10 Seasons of “Bering Sea Gold”

The cold in Alaska almost seeps into our homes through the television each time we’ve got the channel fixed on The Discovery Channel’s Bering Sea Gold. It’s been 10 seasons since we first saw the dredging work on TV, and we’ve got to say that we’ve ourselves how the show has lasted so long. It sure isn’t the gold because the gold has been the same throughout and will be the same after. We realized then that what makes the show is the people. Bering Sea Gold has given us some of the most interesting characters we’ve seen on reality TV in a while. There’s Zeke Tenhoff, Steve and Shawn Pomrenke, Scott Meisterheim, and of course, Emily Riedel among a few others. All of these people have imparted a few things to us over the years, and here are 4 things we’ve learned in 10 seasons of Bering Sea Gold.

Gold isn’t easy to come by.

You can dredge and dredge and dredge all day, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll be pulling up the amount of gold that you’ve put into your efforts. Gold mining is extremely hard work. You have to be completely dedicated to the craft in order to be successful in it. Gold may not be easy to come by, but hard work definitely always pays off.

Safety is always first.

Besides being a difficult business to be in, gold mining is also dangerous. There have been plenty of times when captains have had to pull up their men from underneath the surface of the water because of some sudden danger. Something might be malfunctioning. Anything could go wrong at any given moment. That’s the reason why safety should always be top priority when in the business of finding gold. No matter how much gold you pick up, if you’re not safe, then it’s all for nothing.

Preparation is key to success.

For a business such as gold mining, the number one determinant of success is preparation. Put in all the danger and the hard work together, only preparation can trump them both. In gold mining, you’ll have to really know what you’re doing. You’ll not only have to know the skills of the trade, but you’ll also have to know the topography, the weather, the financial, and all the other aspects associated with gold mining. If you’re not prepared for the job, you’ll always find yourself at a loss.

Mining is a family business.

It kind of has to be. It’s no wonder that captains try to pass along their businesses to their families. It’s easier to keep it in the circle than to have to hire someone outside of it. Everything in the mining business points to the fact that it’s easier to do if you have the support around you. But it can’t be just anyone. Your support system has to be made up of people that you completely trust. Mining is also a family business in a sense that everyone develops a specific kind of camaraderie that only happens to people that put his or her lives collectively in danger just to go to work. Gold mining can’t be run amongst strangers. A tightly knit group will be the most successful gold mining group there is.

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