We Must Give a Shout Out to This Epic Die Hard Cake

That is A LOT of modeling chocolate when one realizes that at one point that Bruce Willis actually had hair, but the process and the result is nothing short of amazing since the cake ends up looking just like John McClane. The level of skill that this requires is kind of insane but appreciating what this woman can do is pretty easy considering that she’s able to do this with what looks like relative ease as she explains each part throughout the video. The reason for this looking easy though is pretty simple to explain: she’s done this more than once and she knows how to use her tools, how to budget her time, and how to control her workspace. These are all reasons why anyone can make anything look easy if they put enough time and effort into it since that experience, the understanding of how to use what they have, and to use it to the best extent is what will make a big difference between a professional that can control just about every aspect of their craft and someone that is bound to struggle a bit since they haven’t fine-tuned their skill set as of yet. It has nothing to do with ego at that point since after creating one thing after another for so long a person gets a feel for it and after a while, it becomes second nature. When it comes to sculpting or making cakes or both it’s no different since the body learns how to move, how to manipulate certain materials, and how to make them do what they want. Practice doesn’t always make perfect, but it definitely helps people to become the best they can be.

It is a little disturbing to see a chunk taken out of the head of the cake for display, but it’s still kind of fun to watch it being made since the lump that is created to start with obviously doesn’t look like much, but as it begins to take shape one can see McClane coming out in a big way. The amount of buttercream being used might make a diabetic go into shock just watching, but anyone watching can’t deny that it looks fantastic, kind of like biting into a mouthful of sugar with every bite. There are likely alternatives that can be used if a person makes a request due to a certain dietary need, but just watching her slather the head of this thing with buttercream is an eye-watering sight since the inner child in a lot of us is probably drooling and wanting to grab a handful before digging in.

Hearing her talk a bit of trivia about the movie is kind of nice as she continues to show the video since it’s probably not known to a lot of people that Frank Sinatra was offered the role, even if he was bound to turn it down since he was way too old at the time. But to think that Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger turned it down as well is kind of odd since it would almost appear to be custom-made for Arnold. But seeing anyone else as McClane at this point would feel kind of awkward, wouldn’t it? Both Stallone and Schwarzenegger have done their best with comedy in the past, and they’ve both found moments in which they were allowed to be hilarious, but this doesn’t feel like it would have been the type of movie to make that happen. Bruce Willis was there at the right time to take on a role that helped to make him an action star and make people believe that he could keep doing it with his brand of hilarity that made the role a little easier for people to relate to. After all, he was a New York cop on the west coast for a vacation to see his wife and didn’t plan on taking on a group of terrorists during a Christmas party. But he made it work with what he had and somehow survived through the movie and made several more that were even more ridiculous since the kind of bad guys that John McClane is known for taking on should have been the end of him a while ago.

This would definitely be a big conversation piece at a party and some folks might even have an issue carving into it since they might not want to ruin the masterpiece. The skill this woman has with her cakes is amazing and to be fair if it were possible to keep one of these around indefinitely there are a lot of people that might do so. But in the spirit of the holidays, it would be a lot of fun to slice into this while saying “Welcome to the party pal!” Come on, I had to do it.

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