Watch This Pressurized Water Powered Trike Go 0-62MPH In Half A Second

Watch This Pressurized Water Powered Trike Go 0-62MPH In Half A Second

So my first impression is that the guy is riding a supersized Super Soaker. He’s basically riding a gigantic water tank that can fire off like a rocket and reach 62 mph in under a second. Now I don’t know about you but that’s fast enough to knock most people on their butts regardless of their size. I can only think that this guy is strapped in tight on top of this water tank in order to stay seated as the entire contraption doesn’t just roll down the track, it gets up and flies down the lane as a jet of water comes racing out of it the entire way.

On one hand I’m impressed because this seems like a very ingenuous way to create a faster and cleaner source of travel. But the likelihood of replacing anything with a water-powered contraption is something that a lot of us probably won’t live to see. Plus there’s nothing in the video to indicate that this has any chance of happening at all. I mean let’s look at the dynamics of it.

The water jet is powerful and fires the contraption off like a rocket to be certain, but eventually, even given the size of the tank and the insane amount of pressure it’s under, the jet will begin to falter. You can see this already at the end of the video when the trike has to be towed by the car. The practicality of using it as a means of regular transportation isn’t quite there yet. Besides that fact, think about what it would mean to have vehicles rocketing down the expressway all the time. It wouldn’t happen just because it’s that insane. But then think about a braking system that would allow for normal driving and instant propulsion when you needed it.

That still doesn’t seem likely for the reason that it seems feasible to believe that with each release of pressure to propel the vehicle forward the force would become less and less due to the decreasing volume of water left in the tank. I could be wrong since I’m not entirely certain of the dynamics of this contraption, but it just doesn’t seem practical. On the racetrack however it seems more than practical as the kind of speed this trike was hitting is incredible for something that’s basically a water tank built into a heavily modified chassis.

The modifications for this thing would have be exact and so precise that there could be little to no error in the construction. The welds would have to be spot on and the strength of the chassis itself and the wheels would have to be superb enough to withstand the force. Overall, this would have to be an almost indestructible trike to survive this kind of ride.

It’s way cool though, and extremely impressive to watch since just witnessing it tear down the track is enough to think that this could be the possible future of drag racing if someone were to actually take the chance and develop it.


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