Watch John Cena Propose to Nikki Bella at Wrestlemania 33 Last Night

In a moment that was truly reminiscent of the time Randy “Macho Man” Savage hoisted Elizabeth up on his shoulders at Wrestlemania VII, John Cena had a romantic moment with his now fiancé Nikki Bella at Wrestlemania 33.   After the pair defeated The Miz and Maryse in their mixed tag match, Cena pulled out a proposal in front of the entire stadium.  You might recall that leading up to the match, The Miz and Maryse were mocking Cena and Bella referring to the show Total Divas in which Nikki’s storyline is one where she really wants to marry Cena.  Looks like she got her wish.

Cena’s been more of a “part time” WWE wrestler as of late and if Roman Reigns victory over The Undertaker is any indication, the writing is on the wall.  It doesn’t look like Cena will be a full-time WWE wrestler anytime soon.  His profile in Hollywood keeps rising but at least he’ll know he could always dominate the WWE if he needed to.

Looks like Cena’s now ready to dominate married life.  Perhaps we’ll get to see some little Cenas running around in the near future.  You can watch his proposal below:

Here’s the Macho Man and Elizabeth moment I was referring to

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