10 Things You Didn’t Know about Warren Leight

Writers are just as artistic as any other entertainers and educators out there. If you ever interacted with any of Warren Leight’s writing products, you must be wondering what kind of a brain this icon has. We all do. He likes telling stories in such a compelling way that we are just awed. His work behind the scenes, both for theater and television, leaves his audience with a lot of afterthoughts. All writers are unique in their ways, and they use their life experiences to grow and tell unique stories. Today, we are looking into what inspires and motivates Warren. We won’t just take his word for it; we will look closer into some of his personal life experiences, his work, and his legend. The following are ten things that you did not know about Warren Leight.

1. His Patriarchal Accent Is Russian and Musical

They say that an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Leight’s father was a career artist, but he played a jazz trumpet. Don Leight was a man with a fine ear, and his son now plays with words. Warren’s grandfather and great grandfather were also jazz players. From a lineage of three direct paternal jazz trumpet players of Russian decent, Warren broke the trend. Even though he is the artistic world of entertainment, he doesn’t play the trumpet professionally. Still, his ragged beard and hair make him look every bit of his tough Russian heritage.

2. Warren and Jody Leight Grew Up in Financial Strain

Don Leight didn’t do very well financially when Warren and Jody were in their childhood. Of course, he really tried; he teamed up with legendary jazz icons such as Claude Thornhill and Woody Herman to realize the American dream. Still, his kids grew up around clubs and in financial want. Warren grew up in the Borough of Queens and Upper Manhattan. On the brighter side, his childhood experiences with financial want and around entertainers and entertainment joints defined his creativity and writing ability.

3. He Is an Accomplished Academic

Have you ever wondered how comes Warren’s work is as polished and refined as it is? Well, for a writer and lyricist, he is pretty well educated. Warren managed to qualify for and attend Stanford University. We all know how hard it is to qualify for Ivy League Universities. It gets better; remember how expensive Stanford is? Well, how do you think he afforded it despite the family’s financial issues? He is one of those academics that qualify even for the most competitive scholarships. Do you doubt it? Just read any of his scripts.

4. Warren Planned to Be a Journalist.

Warren wanted to become a journalist, and that’s why he worked hard for his B.S. degree in communication. He did end up in the media industry, and he still addresses newsworthy concepts and causes in his career path. However, after his 1977 graduation, Warren was eventually drawn into professional screen writing.

5. Warren’s Start: Writing and Lyricism

Didn’t we just say that Don Leight gave Warren a good start despite his struggles? Warren’s entry into screenwriting was preceded by his work on the musical “Mayor.” (It was his first stage project, and he teamed up with a composer-lyricist. It was phenomenally successful and ran for more than 185 performances.

6. His Horror Creativity Dates from 1980

American tabloids have accused Warren of fear mongering from time to time. Yes, this producer and play writer does have a taste for gore and horror. He likes using fear, once in every while, to get his messages across. Don’t think it is something you can wish away or recent. In 1980, one of his earliest writing successes was the horror film “Mother’s Day.” Watching it just gives me the jitters to date.

7. Warren Revived Law & Order: SVU

This is perhaps Warren’s most popular input on TV. When he joined “Law & Order: SVU,” it had a stale taste on its fan base. He may have joined the writing team slightly earlier, but he took over the show after its 13th season. Do you know just how hard it is to get any season approved for five seasons? Well, we can all agree that 13 seasons was a bit too much. Warren took over as showrunner and gave “Law & Order: SVU,” a fresh start. The lead actor had just left with the showrunner. Warren went ahead to evolve the few remaining characters and gave Mariska the responsibility of the lead actor. He made sure all the characters evolved and matured accordingly after 15 years of stagnation. Before anyone noticed, “Law & Order: SVU,” fans were glued to their screens for another five seasons of phenomenal ratings.

8. He Is a Pulitzer Awards Finalist

Even before we ushered in the new millennium, the world had acknowledged Warren for the great writer that he is. If you haven’t read his script on drama play “Side Man,” you are missing out. It earned him a finalist spot in the 1999 Pulitzer Awards. His other exceptional master pieces that you should absolutely consume include:

  • “Before the Nickelodeon”
  • “The Cinema of Edwin S. Porter”
  • “Stuck on You!”

9. He Married a Brilliant Woman

There is just no way a man as charming and emphatic as Warren, who was born in 1957, could be single. Yep, this television writer, play writer, director, executive producer, and showrunner is married to Karen Hauser. His wife is the brilliant mind behind the Internet Broadway Database. She is also the research director leading the Broadway League.

10. He Believes in Social Justice

Warren is widely applauded for his sensitivity by his peers and colleagues. He is also accused of showing some horrifying and gory scenes in the shows he writes and directs. However, he claims that he uses any literary devices possible to depict the plight of minorities and victims. He draws pride whenever he brings up contentious issues that compel the community to talk about oppressive and predatory experiences that everyone likes to ignore. It is his special way of addressing social injustice.

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