10 Things You Didn’t Know about Max Major

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Max Major

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Max Major

If you’re not sure who Max Major is, perhaps you will recognize his name when you realize he’s the magician who has been on television before. He’s a man who has done a lot for everyone, and he’s someone who has made some big changes in his own life. He’s a reality star pro at this point after being on so many of them, but he’s also making sure that fans stay on the edge of their seats as they wonder what he is up to and how he is going to continue his path to success. Here’s everything you never realized you needed to know.

1. He’s From Maryland

He was born and raised in Woodbine, which is in Maryland. He’s still close today. He’s doing his thing out of Washington D.C. now, but he will never forget his roots in Carroll County. He’s spent his life there. He even went to college at the University of Maryland. He doesn’t stray too far from home.

2. He’s Got a Fun Title

He’s a guy who has a lot of fun titles depending on who you look at him and what you are looking at, but we love the title, “Hottest Bachelor,” which is what they call him in Washington D.C.. He was given the name by “Inside Edition,” where he’s appeared a few times. They like him over there.

3. He’s Got Big Inspiration

When he was growing up, he was inspired to be something big. He saw David Copperfield, and he knew that this was what he wanted to do in his own life. He knew he needed to do something big with his life, and it was the magician himself who showed him how to do it – though it was from afar when he was younger.

4. He’s Under Fire

He’s a guy who has appeared on “America’s Got Talent,” and it’s been good for him. Well, until recently. People are calling him a fraud after fans and the entire world heard him mistake something that was said on his performance. When he was predicting numbers, he asked random audience members to guess, and one said 13. He said she said 14, but everyone in America heard otherwise, and now everyone is confused and calling him someone he is not.

5. He Uses Mental Powers

Part of his magical act is that he uses something called mental powers. He’s called a mentalist as a result, and he’s someone who uses a lot of other things in his magic to make it seem more real. He doesn’t just rely on tricks and things like such. He relies on the mental feelings, hypnosis, and much more that he can do to those around him to make his tricks work.

6. He’s Living in Vegas

He might base himself out of Washington D.C. at the moment, but that’s not where he is currently living. He’s currently living and working out of Vegas, which is nothing unusual when you take into consideration the fact that he has a show there. This is a big place for big acts like this, so it works out.

7. He’s Got Big Clients

He does a lot of his work at corporate retreats and events, and he has some of the biggest clients in the world. In his many years working as a magician and a mentalist, he’s acquired contacts and work with companies such as Microsoft and Facebook and even Lockheed Martin. That’s impressive.

8. He’s Worked with the DOD

If you live under a rock and don’t know what the Department of Defense is, that’s all right. Not everyone calls it the DOD all the time. However, he’s been working with them over the course of the past few years to show them how he uses his techniques to hypnotize and influence others, as well as his ability to read body language and make things what they are. They are using his skills and his teachings to learn.

9. He’s Making Light of the Situation

With everyone who watched AGT in September 2020 wondering if he is not really who he says he is, he’s currently making light of the situation. It was clear to so many people that he took whatever the girl on the show said and made it what worked for him, and now he’s making fun. He went to Twitter to ask the question, “Is 13/14 the new blue dress? #AGT” to make light of the situation.

10. His Fans are Big

The ones who really are his biggest fans don’t have a doubt in the world that he is doing what he does best. While some of the judges seemed confused by what he was doing on AGT, his biggest fans did not seem confused at all. They considered him a genius, and we think they really are big fans.

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