Five Things You Didn’t Know about Lottie Moss

Lottie Moss, whose real name is Charlotte, is a personality that a lot of people might not have heard of unless they’re somehow integrated into the modeling scene. She’s been taking after her big sister since she hit her teens and has made a rather stable career out of her chosen field. At this time she’s had enough appearances to be a known individual in her line of work but until she gains a little more experience it’s likely that she’s continue to be a lesser known individual.

It just takes time.

5. She’s the younger sister of Kate Moss.

Taking in her half-sister’s footsteps Lottie is on a sure path to finding fame and possible fortune as she’s already established herself as a model and is fully ready to take it on as a career. Initially she thought that she might be a little too short to walk the cat walk since she’s two inches shorter than her sister. But so far things have gone pretty well and no one has offered any big criticism about her size.

4. She’s a model.

If you didn’t figure that out yet then here’s another reminder. There are a lot of different directions she could have gone in but Lottie decided that this was the one for her since she does in fact have a very big advantage. Having a sister that’s been in the modeling scene for so long gives her a leg up when it comes to being able to depend on Kate’s experience and know-how. Plus the tips that her big sister can give her should help a lot.

3. Her first shoot was in Teen Vogue.

She’s been modeling since she was 13 and she’s 20 now, so she’s been around a bit but might still have some polishing to do when it comes to her image. Appearing in magazines that tend to circulate near and far however is a good idea since it allows her to gain more and more exposure so that people come to remember her name and realize why she’s so popular. Since then she’s been in a lot of other magazines since she’s been in demand.

2. She’s juggled school along with a modeling career.

It was always important to her parents that she attend school as well, but they’ve supported her idea to model without question. There’s never a need to deny a child’s dream job but it is important to have an education of some sort that a person could fall back on when they needed it. In that manner they could at least get job just about anywhere if they had to rather than being stuck with one skill set that can only help in one field.

1. She has a definite rebellious streak.

A young person having a rebellious streak is nothing new and it’s kind of nice since it means that they won’t be brain dead sheep that just follow everything they’ve been told. Her biggest rebellious act seems to have been piercing her tongue when it was against school code.

It’s not the most rebellious thing in the world but it’s a start.

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