Want to Learn Groot’s Language? Here you Go

If you thought figuring Shyriiwook, Chewbacca’s native language, was tough, then figuring out Groot’s language is bound to be even tougher for some people since it’s not that complex, but the secret behind it is a little more difficult to explain since to understand Groot’s language you really need to get to know Groot and be close to him. That’s it pretty much, you have to be on a level with the walking tree that goes beyond being just a good friend. This is why the Guardians can understand him, well, most of them anyway since it’s a wonder that Drax can understand much of anything. But as Jonathan Wright of We Got This Covered states it, it’s all about connecting with Groot, meaning that those who understand him on a different level can pick out just what he’s saying with his three-word vocabulary. It probably sounds a little crazy that anyone could get so much more from those three simple words “I am Groot”, but throughout his history in the MCU thus far it’s been seen that the Guardians can easily understand what he’s saying after spending enough time with him. Given that they’re stuck together on a ship in the midst of space for so long though it would make sense that they would eventually come to understand Groot and his mood swings, along with what he’s saying at any given time. Even a different tone is now enough to make them react to the teen Groot when he pops off a bit here and there. For all that he does have a mouth on him though, apparently, Groot is still a big-hearted individual that usually has the well-being of those around him in mind, especially he counts them as friends or at least as good guys. He hadn’t known Thor all that long when he helped him create Stormbreaker after all, and the look on his face shows that Groot does have a level of empathy that likely rivals many people within the MCU.

In terms of raw power and fighting ability combined Groot still ranks a little low on the list of MCU characters, but it’s easy to think that if he were to ever be pitted against any but the strongest of characters that he’d likely do just fine. His ability to use his body for his protection and that of others is pretty impressive, and while Colin Leggett of CBR was correct in writing that he doesn’t always make the best decisions, Groot is still fully capable of taking on a stiff challenge from many opponents. The fact that he sacrificed himself in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie is enough to see that as fierce as he can be he’s still someone that’s willing to give up everything for others. It might not seem too impressive since he can create new copies of himself, but that doesn’t negate the idea that he’s still willing to step in and get between his friends and any threat that he thinks is too much for them. Also, it’s enough to remember that he did chop off his own arm to make the handle for Stormbreaker, even if he knew it would grow back. Groot’s sacrifices for the greater good of those around him is a big part of why he’s such a valuable ally, but his ability to become a fierce opponent and dish out some real pain is just as valuable.

Learning his language is definitely more about emotion and coming to understand the person that Groot is rather than understanding what he’s trying to say at all times. The only other similar case I can come up with at the moment happens to be drawn from a 1989 movie called The Dream Team, which was about a group of men that were being kept in a psychiatric care facility and had been allowed to attend a ballgame under the supervision of their psychiatrist. Of course things go wrong, the psychiatrist is incapacitated by two thugs that turn out to be cops, and the crazies are on their own. The quiet one among them, Albert, is also the guy with the good heart but he doesn’t say much, and uses baseball analogies to express what he’s trying to get through to the others. That reminds me of Groot, since just like the walking tree a person had to know Albert to understand what he was really saying. Sometimes you listen more to the tone and the way something is said, or the moment it’s said in, and then you get the gist of what a person is talking about. The more you get to know that person the easier it is to understand what they’re saying. To think that Groot’s language is that simple is kind of difficult for a lot of people, and yeah, that’s a little ironic.

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