Want to Buy The Victorian House from Full House? It’s for Sale

Want to Buy The Victorian House from Full House?  It’s for Sale

There are a lot of people that would love to own a piece of TV history provided that they can front the asking price, and the Victorian house from Full House isn’t bound to be a cheap sale. In fact as Betty Yu from KSAT writes it’s up for sale with a price tag of well over $5 million. What people should understand however is that while this is the same house that’s been featured from the outside for the show in the 80s and for Fuller House the inside has been gutted and renovated to such an extent that it looks nothing like the Tanner residence from the show. Plus, if you know anything from television you’ll understand a little about how these shows work and that the exterior of the house is all that was really used.

The home itself is, as Elizabeth Gulino from House Beautiful writes, a year-round tourist attraction and has been for years. A lot of the neighbors don’t seem to mind much since people come and go all the time in an attempt to get a glimpse of the place that helped to inspire Full House for so long. Inside things aren’t even close to what you might remember from the show, but seeing as how the exterior was all that got used it makes a lot of sense. The show actually lost the right to feature the house after a while until it was bought up in 2016 for use in Fuller House, and at this time the owner is trying to unload it so that the home can actually be used as a residence for a family that can afford it.

Despite the hefty price tag it seems hopeful that someone from the area or someone interested will be able to pick this historic home up for their own family and make it into a special place for their own reasons. Fans of the show no doubt found this somewhat interesting since quite a few times the house was depicted on the show’s introduction up until the intro had to be changed. Throughout its run the show has been something that a lot of people have found inspirational and a great deal of fun that exists on a wholesome level that’s great for the whole family. While the private lives of the stars haven’t always been so squeaky clean the show at least was kept in pristine order so that people could live the fantasy of the whole thing. This house was at one time one of the most recognized on TV largely because of where it was and because of the popularity that the show bestowed upon it. Otherwise it might have remained as just another innocuous home in San Francisco, one more among the many that are nice, but in some ways quite similar to one another.

With the ending of Fuller House though the sale of the home is going to seem like a final farewell to something that a lot of us remember from our younger years, a passing on of an ideal that helped us learn what a family can be like while growing up. After all the antics and the hilarity that the Tanner family brought to our lives during the show’s run was something that many people still remember fondly and didn’t want to give up when the show ended initially. When Fuller House came on a lot of people were chomping at the bit to see it and were likely signing up to Netflix if they didn’t already have an account. But as popular as it still was and as eager as people were to see the show again a lot of folks had to realize that it’s not quite the same as it used to be and there were bound to be a great number of changes since the kids have grown up, the adults have gotten older, and things got a lot more complicated than they used to be. That’s life, and while Fuller House has tried to replicate that feeling it’s still fallen a little short since it tried to recapture the magic that was seen before when the show was still new enough and the kids were still young.

Some people would disagree and state that Fuller House had everything the original show had and more, but in some cases it almost seems as though the show was trying to pick up much too far from where it left off and had to do a lot of explaining in order to make itself relevant. But that’s more of a personal opinion and a lot of people did still enjoy it, so it’s fair to say that it was a success. That being said, the final sale of this house is going to be one more goodbye to a past that a lot of us are coming to realize is slipping away just a little bit more.

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