Wait a Second, Justin Theroux Was the DJ In Zoolander?

Theroux Zoolander

One of my favorite movies that just pops on the television that I haven’t seen in a while that I’ll always tend to leave on is Zoolander.  By the way, the movie really holds up well over time.  Let’s not talk about Zoolander 2 because I think I speak for the lot of us when I say that most if not all of us Zoolander fans wish to God this movie never existed.  While I can go on about Will Ferrell’s incredible “crazy pills” portrayal of Mugatu being my favorite character in the movie, there’s one character that always kind of freaked me out.  Sometimes in a good way and often times in a creepy way (which frankly I think is exactly how the movie intended it to be).   I mean I love when the dude says “Your boy Zoolander is rolling (is that his only line?)” but that dead eye kind of freaks you out every times it comes on the screen.  I’m of course speaking of the weird DJ guy who is assigned to play “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood in order to trigger Derek Zoolander into killing the Malaysian Prime Minister.  P.S. how amazing of a song is that?

And while I might be shooting myself in the foot by admitting this, I had absolutely no clue that the DJ from Zoolander was played by none other than Justin Theroux.   I mean talk about mind being blown.  This was way up there for me and I’m still kicking myself for never having looked this up.  I feel like half of the people reading this right now are saying “what a moron, how did he not know that?” and the other half are in my camp by thinking “Wait, what?  that’s him?  Really?”  So yeah, to my 50%, I think I might have just made your day.

I was a pretty big Theroux fan before finding this out (99% of it is because of his role in American Psycho) but now I’m admittedly a huge Theroux fan.  The guy always seems to play roles that are a little off center with some added humor to them, and he always seems to nail them.  To me nothing was better than his yuppie character in American Psycho. He had the perfect slicked back hair and attitude.  He was the kind of guy who while you’re watching the movie you’re making fun of him out loud, but in a funny kind of way you definitely want to hang out with that character in real life.  And now you’re throwing in DJ from Zoolander onto his resume?  I’m sold.

That’s all I’ve got for today.  In case you weren’t aware of this, now you are.

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