Vokabulantis: A Stop-Motion Video Game Created Using Real-World Objects

Video game innovations are usually, at least these days, are often ignored or not fully understood by a lot of people either because they’re not into games that much or because they don’t really understand the technical jargon that goes into some of the games that they enjoy. But Vokabulantis is definitely something different since it’s a stop-motion game that features actual hand-crafted characters, items, and environments that are able to be controlled by the gamers despite the fact that nothing is purely digital. Obviously everything has been digitized in order to make the game playable, but the fact is that most of the stuff in the game didn’t originate on the computer, which means that there’s quite a bit of work that went into it and as a result, it’s bound to look more like a regular stop-motion movie than any other game possibly could. Some folks might still not fully understand this, but the idea is that there’s a very realistic feel to this game that sets it apart from many others in a very fundamental way. If I knew any of the technical details or jargon I might go deeper into it, but speaking from the standpoint of a writer and someone that loves video games it does look like something that might be of great interest to those that want a new and exciting experience that has a very different appearance for people to enjoy.

The story looks to be something that focuses heavily on how the love of the two main characters is bound to be the way to save their broken world, but it’s also a puzzle game that players will have to navigate their way through to the finish. From the start, it looks like something that might intrigue a lot of people and possibly give them something to focus on for a while, depending on how difficult the puzzles are. Puzzle games can be a bit of a challenge for a lot of people since they tend to require different methods of thinking and force people out of their comfort zones in a way that doesn’t always make sense but comes together in ways that people might not see at first but feel almost dumb for not realizing when it’s all said and done. Many games have taken to incorporating puzzles as part of their general makeup over the years, and have incorporated them into the game to challenge the players in different ways as the puzzles tend to strengthen the mental acuity of some folks even as they simply frustrate others.

Figuring out a puzzle in many games can feel like switching gears in a manner that doesn’t make sense to a lot of people since in action and fighting games this tends to take away from the action unless of course solving the puzzle is necessary in order to move on to the next stage or fight. In quest games, the puzzles that are thrust upon the players can be devilishly hard or deceptively easy since it all depends on what the programmers want to throw at the players and how easily the players can think outside of the box. Vokabulantis already looks like it will be one of those that might be challenging and present puzzles that require solving before one can move on, which is kind of fun since it doesn’t feel quite as pointless at that moment. The overall tone of the game feels like one that is essentially hopeless, but with a redemption arc somewhere within the story that will take place once the characters find a way to push forward in order to save their world or at least survive it. There’s a very dark and dingy theme to the game that is bound to be picked up by a lot of players since it’s hard to miss and because it’s something that definitely adds to the world in which the game takes place. There are a lot of video games out there that have been able to stun gamers in one way or another with the graphics, the story, or something that is seen as inherently impressive, but Vokabulantis is definitely one of those that looks to push the envelope a little further in order to give gamers a truly unique experience.

The whole idea that the main characters are on a quest that is love-driven and focuses on them being able to express their love for each other might sound kind of off-putting for some folks that enjoy a little more hard-bitten gaming experience, but in terms of an epic quest game this could be one of those that might speak to a lot of people. After all, a lot of quest games have taken on the love theme and have done just fine.

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