This Video Accurately Breaks Down the Insanity of Elon Musk

Labeling Elon Musk as insane would be too easy as you could see from this video that the things being attributed to him would be the work of a madman in some ways. He’s the kind of person, it would seem, that has idea that just crop up from seemingly nowhere and come to fruition because he needs to get them out of his head or they might be lost. Writers are like that. We might not all be as intelligent and driven as Musk but we operate on something of the same wavelength when it comes to ideas. That’s how it feels at any rate since he seems to get bored easily and needs something new to go onto and discover. In some ways that’s admirable, but in others it’s hard to keep up with since his mind seems to move so much faster than anyone else’s and needs constant stimulation in order to really work the way it should.

The fact that he is this intelligent and in need of such constant stimulation might confuse some people and unnerve others since it causes him to act in ways that they might find contrary to their own beliefs and thought processes. Human beings have a very big issue it seems with understanding things, and people, that fall outside of their own personal scope of understanding. It takes more than an open mind at times to really accept ideas that might seem completely alien to someone’s personal experience and Elon Musk and his many different ideas and level of success easily spark these feelings in others. It’s also easy to spark resentment, which makes a swift transition to fear that is masked by the need to quantify someone’s abilities and eccentricities based on their success and how financially flush they are. The man is worth billions of dollars at this point and there’s no telling how many people might think he’s someone to be vilified just for this. A person who is wealthy by their own hand is just as apt to be ridiculed and labeled as someone who was born into money and supposedly has no inkling of how to live in a world where a good portion of humanity might seek to strip them down to the bare bones simply because they can.

Fortunately Elon Musk, as much of an oddity as he is to some and eccentric as he can be, seems to be existing on a level that is not only different in terms of how he goes about his average day, but also in terms of what he’s trying to do for the rest of humanity. In his own words he’s trying to help the human race by making things better and finding ways to increase the quality of life, but as we’ve seen in the past good intentions don’t always lead down the best of roads. While his desire to help humanity might be worthy of a good amount of praise and celebration it’s also wise to sit back from time to time and at least give some constructive criticism on those that want to help in their own various ways.

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