The Vampire Diaries 2.13 “Daddy Issues” Recap

The vampire/werewolf war has officially gone into full swing, pitting Mystic Falls in the middle of another potential blood bath. Battle lines were drawn and ultimatums were slung quicker than any comeback in The Vampire Diariess short history on the air. While I’m still catching my breath from keeping up with all the dramatic action of tonight, I can’t help but be HIGHLY pissed at some of the events that went down.

The Pregamming…

Tyler confronts Caroline about lying to him about Mason’s whereabouts and the Salvatore brothers being vampires, claiming his trust in her has now been broken. While Caroline runs to Stefan, Tyler runs to Jules who begs for Tyler to leave town with her to get out of ‘Vampire Country.’ Tyler refuses, despite Jules promising to help him out with his new life as a werewolf. After leaving Tyler, Jules meets up with her lover, Brady, another werewolf who wants to raise some hell in vamp country. Jules warns him that she only wants Tyler, not vengeance. Brady thinks having both would be the best of both worlds. I hate him already. Meanwhile, Caroline begs Stefan to talk some sense into Tyler before he gets hurt trying to live up to the ‘vampires and werewolves don’t mix’ code of ethics.

Back at the Gilbert’s residence, Elena tries to get Jonathan to talk, but he’s not ready to do so. Jenna walks in on the two and is beyond pissed to see Jonathan standing in her vicinity. She demands for him to leave, but he refuses and then drops a grenade on Jenna by revealing himself as Elena’s biological father. Jenna’s now pissed past astronomical levels.

Damon and Stefan discuss bringing Jonathan back into the fold, which Damon doesn’t approves of, which is an understatement. Stefan reminds his brother of Elijah’s deal with Elena, which sounds super shady to their ears. Jonathan has info on how to protect Elena from the sacrifice, but even Stefan doesn’t know what that entails yet. Damian, being impatient as ever, wants answers. Stefan gives Damian his condolences on Rose’s death, but Damian brushes it off, but we know the real deal. When Damian reaches the Gilbert house, Elena reveals she’s still in the dark about Jonathan’s knowledge on their current predicament. After Elena balks at Damian’s joke about killing Jonathan, he reassures her that he’s “the good guy” now, which seems as if he’s trying to tell himself that more than Elena.

At the latest Mystic Falls town event (a memorial to the people who recently lost their lives), Jonathan finds out from Mrs. Lockwood that Damian is now the lead person on The Council (did I miss that exchange of power?), which silently sends the man reeling. He bumps into Jeremy and the greeting is super cold between the two. Meanwhile, Bonnie is approached by Jonas, who tries to apologize for their duplicity with the moonstone and working with Elijah. Bonnie isn’t trying to hear it and walks off with Jeremy. Again, did I miss something there?

Back at the Lockwood mansion, Stefan shows up to talk to Tyler, who gives him a hard time by being a super brat and not listening to reason. If a full moon brings out the werewolf, does a half moon bring out the Super Brat in Tyler? Just a thought… As Stefan is trying to make a truce, Jules calls Tyler and the kid screams into his phone for help before Stefan stops him. Jules knows something is up, which is all Brady needed to hear to cook up a plan.

At the Grill, Damian and Elena show up to talk to Jonathan, but Elena lets Damian do the talking, because she has dubbed him “the better man.” Is that Damian’s heartbreaking that I hear? Of course, Damian ends up threatening Jonathan to talk, but it does the opposite effect with Jonathan needing to know if Damian can be trusted first before he opens his trap.

Outside the Grill, Caroline runs into Matt, who wants to get together later. She happily accepts, but after he leaves, Caroline is captured by Jules and Brady, the latter who puts a freaking wooden bullet in Caroline’s head! See, I already knew I didn’t care for the dude. As Brady tortures Caroline in his RV camper, Stefan talks about the benefits of a truce with Tyler. He gets a phone call from Jules, who wants an exchange of Tyler for Caroline and he better deliver soon or Caroline will die a painfully slow death.

Elena gets the call from Stefan about Caroline’s predicament, which forces her to tell Damian, who is none too thrilled and wants to kill Tyler. Elena begs for Damian to reconsider that option, but he goes dark on her, demanding that she stop expecting him to play the good guy because she asks him to. Jonathan breaks up the confusion, but serves as a shield from Elena joining Damian to go save Caroline.

Brady’s sadistic torture of Caroline kind of grates Jules’ nerves a bit, but Brady practically tells her to man up to her nature as a werewolf. Idiots.

Elena and Jonathan spar about Elena’s deal with Elijah, which Jonathan thinks was not the best of decisions. The two have a family drama spat, which ends with Elena claiming that Jonathan being her father doesn’t mean squat to her, because the feelings won’t be reciprocated.

The Main Event

It’s The Vampire Diaries answer to “The West Side Story” as Damian, Stefan and Tyler show up at the camper to make the exchange. After some banter is thrown, Jules calls the rest of her pack on Damian and Stefan, who manage to take most of them out, but are still outnumbered. While they fight, Tyler rushes to check in on Caroline, but hesitates when she asks him to free her… for longer than a moment, people. He eventually frees her, but I’ve already given him my SMDH of the Night award. The Salvatore brothers and Caroline are eventually outnumbered and are about to be killed, but a noise that only the werewolves can hear incapacitates the surviving pack. The source of the noise? Jonas M.F. Martin!!!

Jonas stresses again to Stefan and Damon that Elijah’s word is bond and he will protect them. After the Salvatores take Caroline and leave, Jonas leaves a message with Tyler for the wack ass werewolf pack lying on the ground. That message? Get the hell out of town like yesterday. Spoken like a true bad ass, Jonas.

The Fallout

Stefan takes Caroline home where the two of them admonishes at how far Caroline’s come in all of this drama. She might not be Girly, Little Caroline anymore, but is that really such a bad thing? Caroline is a bad ass now and that’s all that matters. As she looks over her wounds, Matt calls to ask what happened to their date. Caroline lies, saying she had to take care of something with Bonnie. The lie might have worked if Bonnie wasn’t in the Grill with Jeremy at the moment, which Matt could clearly see. He painfully plays along with the lie, but it seems as if it was the last straw for him, which sucks on so many levels. As if Caroline’s night couldn’t get any worse, Tyler stops by and apologizes his heart out to her. But she isn’t Girly, Little Caroline anymore, people. No sir. Caroline lights into Tyler’s ass verbally and tells him to kick rocks before slamming her door in his face. OUCH!

Jonathan visits Damian at the Salvatore mansion where he displays the ways to kill an Original vampire. Wait, them suckers can die?!? Get your pen and paper out, kiddies! Jonathan pulls out a vile of ashes from a white oak tree that dates back to the creation of The Originals. He also displays a dagger that must be dipped into the ashes at the tip, which then must be shoved into the heart of the Original vampire. This lesson in vampire killing comes from none other than Isobel, who is cooking up a scheme to make sure Klaus never makes his way into Mystic Falls.

Elena has a moment with Jonathan herself a little later and this time Jonathan isn’t for fighting. He gives Elena a bracelet that her adopted mother used to have. By doing this, Jonathan segues into why he’s dead serious on protecting his family under any cost. The gesture brings tears to Elena’s eyes, but she doesn’t believe one word Jonathan said. I beg to differ, but that’s me.

Back at the camper, Tyler returns to get down to some werewolf business and talk turns to Mason and his reason being back in Mystic Falls. When Tyler mentions the moonstone, Jules and Brady’s eyes light up. They know something, but don’t inform anything to Tyler (nor the audience) on just what that is. Okay, I’m intrigued.

Caroline gets a shock of the night as Elena and Bonnie both arrive to have a slumber party with Caroline, courtesy of Stefan. Aww…

While everyone is being lovey-dovey, Katherine is lonelier than a monk on Valentine’s Day in the tomb, but gets a surprise visitor in Jonathan, who reveals that he’s working on getting Katherine out of the tomb. Say what?!?!

The Second Victim of Damian’s Personality Crisis?

Jenna introduces Damian to the new TV reporter Andie Star (Dawn Oliveri), who brushes her off by the time she finishes saying hello. However, Damian hits up Dawn later and the two share a bath where Andie proclaims she would happily be a booty call for Damian. I wonder how many women screamed at this poor woman for stealing their line from them. Alas…

Andie is content on being a FWB (friend with benefits) until Damian starts talking crazy again about being in love with a girl who he can’t have and killing people. Yes, Andie caught that last bit, but she’s glamoured into helping Damain sort out his feelings on why must he change who he is naturally to be deemed good in the eyes of the one he loves. Andi answers that love changes people, meaning change could actually turn out to be good for Damian. Did this sink in to him? I don’t know, but feeding off Andie might turn my answer to a resounding, “Hell No!”

A lot of developments this week, so stay tuned for Emma Frazer’s analysis of the latest craziness in Mystic Falls later today.

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