The Vampire Diaries Review: The Boys are Back Again


The countdown is on with 48 hours on the clock to reunite Stefan’s soul into his body and who better than Damon and Alaric to be on the case together. It felt a little like old school Vampire Diaries with the dynamic duo back in action, only it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Damon’s had a few best friends throughout the years: Ric, Enzo, Bonnie. Looking at where he’s ended up with all of them now, it’s actually sad. As lonely and desperate Damon is to fix all his broken bridges with people, he needs to slow down and take it one step at a time. Jumping the gun and forcing Alaric into rescuing your brother can be viewed in a negative light. I understand Damon needed help and this was his only option, but he really set himself up for a bit of a heartbreak when Ric walked away in the end. He admitted the last three years without Damon in his (or Caroline’s) life helped him start over again. No one meddling around to drag him into supernatural drama, just living a normal life as a new father.

Ric did throw in one helpful piece of information to soften the blow of the harsh reality of their friendship, and that was Bonnie’s location. He figures if they can’t repair what was lost, maybe Damon will have better luck with her. Of course, nothing is ever so simple nor should it be for him after selfishly abandoning his friends and family three years ago. Damon deserved more than a door slammed in his face. Props to Bonnie for restraining herself from physically attacking him since she couldn’t use her magic.

The whole Armory storyline was boring to me before it started, and it’s honestly only half holding any interest to me. Bonnie’s life is on the line now after taking the pills made to suppress her magic using Rayna’s blood, otherwise the Armory would hunt her down. There’s something hidden in a vault that is the key to Bonnie’s freedom from the establishment hunting her. Whatever it is, I hope it’s way more interesting than Enzo and the entire concept of the Armory.

Conversely, I was just starting to like Valerie and now she’s leaving. At least she’s not dying so the right opportunity could present itself to bring her back in the future. She’s choosing to walk away from Stefan after saving his life one more time because she knows she was always second place in his heart to Caroline. If you’re a Steroline fan keeping track, this only means we’re one step closer to a reunion. That would entail Alaric getting his heart broken, which I’m not sure anyone should cheer about so it’s a tough call.

Long story short though, Stefan’s soul is back in his rightful body. The vampire spirit in his body didn’t waste much time in framing him as a murdered on the Memphis college campus. Rather, he went right after the human body of Marty housing Stefan’s soul to snuff him out. All I could think about during the fight scenes was how weird it must be to watch your body attack yourself. Ambrose put up a good fight, and at least Paul Wesley got to have some more fun as yet another darker non-Stefan character on the show.

What did you think of the episode?

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The countdown is on with 48 hours on the clock to reunite Stefan’s soul into his body and who better than Damon and Alaric to be on the case together.

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