Tyra Banks Admits to Nose Job in New Memoir “Perfect is Boring”

The unsuspected has finally happened and Tyra Banks has admitted to having a nose job in her new memoir Perfect is Boring. There’s so much to say here but I suppose I’ll be nice and state that a lot of the world already knew what Tyra wasn’t willing to tell anyone for the longest time, that it was kind of obvious that she’d had work done on her nose and other areas of her face. The host of America’s Next Top Model was, for a while, adamant about being against going to the plastic surgeon to get anything done. But unfortunately she must have been trying to fool those folks that would gladly believe anything a celebrity says since no one else was buying into it. And her explanation was that she had bones in her nose that were growing and itching.  It is very hard to not say anything overly negative at this point so I’ll just leave there for you to ponder about.

If the bones in a person’s face kept growing past a certain age however there would typically be bigger problems than itching. Okay, done with that, moving on. The fact that she now supports women who feel the need to get work done is kind of strange but it’s not a full reversal on how she used to feel. As of now she wants people to know that women should be able to do what they want with their looks without being judged. That’s still kind off odd coming from a woman that hosts a show that judges women based on their looks on the outset. It’s hard to equate this attitude with someone that is almost forced to judge women on their appearance so as to make the best choice on who would best represent the modeling industry. But the truth is that Tyra Banks was a natural beauty, which she dishes on in the link above, before she ever had anything done. It’s true her views have changed over the years, but quite honestly she was a beautiful woman then just as she is now, but with a much more natural look than what was left when the plastic surgeons were done.

Her views to this date are far more positive than they might have been years ago when it comes to how women view themselves but at the same time it’s almost as though she’s speaking from a seat of regret that she didn’t realize this a lot sooner. The chances are good that even had she realized it back then she still would have gone ahead and had the work done in order to be more acceptable to her desired position, but it’s still kind of a shame that she felt the need to make those changes despite the fact that it probably helped her career. In speaking of how women need to accept themselves no matter if they have work done or not it might have been better if she’d just admitted to having the work done in the first place, then she might not have ended up looking like kind of a hypocrite.

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