Jim Carrey To Play Dr. Seuss in Biopic “Seuss”

Jim Carrey To Play Dr. Seuss in Biopic “Seuss”

Jim Carrey has already had a couple of experiences with the works of Dr. Seuss as Anthony Fuchs of We Got This Covered mentions, as he played the titular character in Ron Howard’s adaptation of How the Grinch Stole Christmas and the voice of Horton for Horton Hears a Who. This time around though it sounds like he wants to take on the part of the actual writer and create a movie that might put another mark on his long and storied career that might be yet another entry that will impress and amaze people as he’s done in the past. For many people he’s become something of an easy target since he’s been firmly against the current president and those that support Trump and hasn’t been shy in revealing as much. If he cares at all about this development in his life however he’s been good enough to just laugh it off and continue to push forward with his own ideologies as he’s continued his career, doing what he does best and shaking things up from time to time as he’s bounced back and forth between drama and comedy for a while now, showing that he has more skills than many people gave him credit for in the past. It’s been easy to see him as a comedian and little else for so long that his dramatic turn took a lot of people by surprise since going from movies such as Ace Venture and The Mask to The Truman Show and The Majestic and even The Number 23 was a huge turn that a lot of people weren’t expecting.

His decision to take on the role of Dr. Seuss, real name Theodor Seuss “Ted” Geisel shouldn’t be too much of a challenge in the looks department, and honestly it shouldn’t be too much in the acting department either since Carrey has in fact shown that he has the skill to pull such a movie off. Obviously this won’t be the type of movie that a lot of people are expecting since it’s a story based on a real person and as such Jim will be sticking to the script more often than not and will make a very convincing case, hopefully, that will do justice to this role and the life of Dr. Seuss. Given that he’s already had a couple of roles that were made possible by Seuss it’s easy to think that he’ll turn in the kind of performance that has made it possible to look at him as a very talented individual.

One thing has made it possible for a lot of people to turn from Jim Carrey in the past several years and it’s his continual stance on President Trump and several political issues that he’s commented on from time to time. At this point it’s easy for some of us to say to hell with the ideological standpoint and just enjoy the man for who he is, even if we’ve disagreed with him in the past. Jim’s life has been called a tragedy throughout the years since he has gone through a host of issues that stem largely from depression, a condition that quite a few comedians appear to suffer from, at least if rumors are to be believed. Callie Rushton of Elephant Journal wrote a piece in which Jim explains just what he went through during his roughest times. He’s quit quite a few things in his life such as alcohol and even prescription drugs and coffee if one can believe that, and has embraced his more spiritual side as he’s found that this has worked for him and has managed to even his life out a bit. In fact he’ll be coming to the big screen pretty soon in the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie as Dr. Robotnik, and according to the trailers he might actually be bringing back some of the old comedic craziness that people have been waiting to see for so long. But with Dr. Seuss it’s likely that we’re going to see a very reserved and respectful presentation that’s bound to remind us that he is more than just a walking laugh track and can take on a very serious role.

There are a lot of us that likely remember the old Dr. Seuss stories from our time as children and many still that happen to enjoy them today and have passed them on to their children. In a big way Dr. Seuss is one of those that’s responsible for the continued education and empathy that many still seek to teach and cultivate in children since a lot of his stories are educational in a way and tend to carry very profound messages that help people realize the value of those around them and what it means to be a caring individual. With how his career and his life has been going at this time it does appear that Carrey might actually be the one guy that could benefit from making a movie such as this, and spread that message far and wide in the process.

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