10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tyla Harris

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tyla Harris

Tyla Harris

Tyla Harris is an emerging young actress who is best known as Jasmine Wallace, the character that she plays in the television series “For Life.” She’s gathering a huge base of fans but she is just starting to become noticed for her acting talents. We wanted to know more about her so we checked up on her life and career to see what we could find out. For fans who would like to get to know her better, here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about Tyla Harris.

1. Her age (as of this writing)

It’s not always easy to guess the age of your favorite actress or actor because in many cases, they are cast as characters that are either younger or older than their real age. In Tyla’s case, she has a youthful appearance and a lovely face that allows her to pass for a much younger or older character, depending on makeup and wardrobe. Her real age is 19. Her date of birth is November 30th of 2000 so she just recently turned this age.

2. It is believed that she is single

The lovely Tyla Harris must be focusing her attention on her career at the time because there is nothing in her social media or otherwise to suggest that she is dating anyone. She hasn’t introduced anyone to her fan base and there have been no public announcements through the media about a boyfriend. For the time being, we can assume that Tyla is either single or she knows how to keep a secret.

3. Tyla was a leader in high school

It hasn’t been that long since Tyla was actively involved in her high school. She has consistently shown a talent for leadership, however. She was the president of her high school debate team, which incidentally was an award-winning group. She was also a majorette, the leader of an all-female volunteer group, and an active member of the BETA club.

4. She worked for the DA

As a student, Tyla Harris was impressive, to say the least. She was not only impressive in volunteer efforts and leadership, but she also branched out into endeavors that could lead to a good backup career if her acting jobs didn’t pan out, which is always a good idea. She interned with the local District Attorney’s office. This was on top of all of the other activities that she was involved in and she still managed to graduate from her high school, Magna Cum Laude.

5. Tyla is also formally trained as an entertainer

Tyla’s training in the entertainment profession has a broad scope. She has taken piano lessons which makes her a musician. She also took ballet lessons which makes her a dancer. She also received formal training as an actor, and she took specialty courses in improvisational comedy. She performed in Atlanta, Georgia’s BlackTop Circus productions when she was just a child.

6. She has appeared in advertisements

The very first job that Tyla scored was doing print ads for Coca-Cola. She was signed with the Alexander White Agency and her managers helped her to score this gig. This was the beginning of a very successful career for her. She has been active with several different commercials with a variety of companies, which is an amazing accomplishment for someone so young.

7. Tyla Harris is a motivational speaker

Ms. Harris has accomplished a lot in her nineteen years of living and she has a lot of wisdom to share with her peers. Because of this, she is in demand as a public speaker on top of everything else that she does. The Savannah College of Arts and Design invited her to speak to their students. Most public speakers are a lot older and this speaks well of her tremendous achievements. Tyla is well respected in academic as well as entertainment circles. She has so much going for her that people want to hear what she has to say.

8. She is a published author

Here is another interesting fact that we learned about Tyla Harris. She is also a writer. Her genre is poetry. She recently released a book of poetry that she has authored. It is a self-published book.

9. Tyla’s acting career launched in 2017

Harris’s first acting gig was in the television series “Six.” She was cast is the role of Esther in a recurring role. She went on the same year to appear in the short film “BlacKorea” as Yvette. In 2018 she had a guest appearance on the television series “Kevin Probably Saves the World,” along with two appearances in the TV series “Claws,” and the part of Chloe in the TV movie “Coins for Christmas.” Ever since her first gig in 2017, her work schedule as an actress has been full. She appeared in an episode of the television series “Tales” in 2019,” and most recently as Jasmine in the television series “For Life.”

10. You can follow her on Instagram

Tyla has a verified Instagram account which is great news for her fans. This is a great resource for keeping up on what’s trending in her career and with her personal life. She hasn’t been on the scene for very long in the acting business, but after just two years as a professional actress with 9 acting credits in her portfolio, she already has 986 followers. We expect this number to continue to rise as she becomes more well-known. So far there are 72 posts on the account and if you want to see some amazing photos of her this is the best place that we’ve seen to find them. Tyla Harris is easily one of the most talented teenage actresses we’ve come across in a long time. She’s beautiful, brilliant and she is just getting started. She’s a rising star to keep your eye on for certain.

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