Two New Twin Peaks Teasers Just Came Out and They’re Fantastic

Unfortunately the new Twin Peak isn’t premiering until May on SHOWTIME, but fortunately Twin Peaks is premiering in May on SHOWTIME.  The mere fact that the David Lynch classic is even back after all this time is still a mystery to me.  And if that hype wasn’t already high, these two new teasers are going to get people even more excited.  I’ll be the first to tell you that these two teasers reveal absolutely nothing about the show’s 3rd season.

What we do get however, are a pair of short, eerie clips soundtracked by Angelo Badalamenti that signify the very start and very end of the original series.  If you didn’t want a spoiler, too bad, it’s been 25 years.  P.S. “It’s happening again.” Agent Cooper knows it.  We know it.  SHOWTIME knows it.

May 21st is the day folks.  Mark it down and enjoy these two teasers until then or until we have more to reveal about the show which we undoubtedly will.

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