7 Shows To Watch If You Enjoyed Netflix’s The Empress

7 Shows To Watch If You Enjoyed Netflix’s The Empress
7 Shows To Watch If You Enjoyed Netflix’s The Empress

The success of shows like The Empress proves that the allure of European history remains as strong as ever.  The gripping tale, centered around the life of Empress Elisabeth, portrayed brilliantly by Devrim Lingnau, takes viewers on a journey through love, political intrigue, and the grandeur of the 19th century. With its release in 2022, The Empress soared in popularity, becoming one of the most-watched series on Netflix. 

While fans await the next installment of The Empress, there is no shortage of such shows. This diverse selection ranges from period drama TV shows that may take creative liberties, like The Empress, to those that meticulously depict real events from European history, serving as a source of entertainment and education. So here are 7 shows to watch if you enjoyed the Netflix original.

1. Cable Girls

7 Shows To Watch If You Enjoyed Netflix’s The Empress

Cable Girls transports viewers to the streets of 1920s Madrid, where a tale of resilience and determination unfolds. Four extraordinary women, drawn together by destiny, seize an opportunity that will challenge the oppressive norms of their male-dominated society. They embark on a courageous journey toward independence, each with a compelling motive.

Unlike many period dramas romanticizing love affairs, Cable Girls stands apart by placing women’s rights at the forefront of its narrative. It celebrates women’s unyielding strength and resilience, spotlighting their arduous battles for autonomy and equality. Every episode intertwines the threads of their lives, weaving a story that resonates with the struggles and triumphs of women throughout history.

2. Bridgerton

bridgerton - TV Shows Like The Empress

In Bridgerton, love takes center stage. Unlike nobility-focused dramas, this Netflix sensation brings a fresh twist by diving headfirst into romance and the quest for true love. It has captured viewers’ hearts worldwide as it follows the adventures of the Bridgerton family during the marriage season.

Each season of the show focuses on a different character. Season 1 had everyone falling head over heels for Daphne and the Duke; their fiery passion ignited the screens. Then came season 2, where Anthony and Kate’s irresistible chemistry sparked flames of intense attraction.

3. The Spanish Princess

the spanish princess - TV Shows Like The Empress

The Spanish Princess is a captivating tale that unveils the life of Catherine of Aragon, the Spanish princess who etched her name in history as King Henry VIII’s first wife. Spanning a significant era, The Spanish Princess escorts audiences through the corridors of Catherine’s life, from her union with Henry VIII to the tumultuous end of their marriage. Within this captivating narrative, the strength, and resilience of Catherine shines through.

As she deftly earns the love and respect of the monarch, her indomitable spirit becomes a beacon of inspiration, illuminating the path for women navigating power and royalty. The Spanish Princess triumphs in capturing the essence of morality and the grandeur of royal legacy. It unveils the complexities between duty and desire, painting a vivid portrait of Catherine. Just like The Empress, this TV show allows an excellent analysis of society’s relationship with women in power.

4. The Crown

the crown - TV Shows Like The Empress

Prepare to be enthralled as Netflix presents the magnificent opus, The Crown. Unveiling the extraordinary journey of Queen Elizabeth II. While delving into a more recent period, The Crown captures the era’s essence. Like the allure of The Empress, The Crown weaves a web of historical fiction, embellishing the narrative with minor details that enhance storytelling.

Every scene is meticulously crafted, paying homage to the intricate details that define an era. Just as The Empress delves into lesser-known tales, The Crown invites fans to delve deeper into the captivating story of a queen who has stood as an emblem of strength and grace. While The Crown may not always adhere strictly to historical accuracy, it dances along the boundaries of fact and fiction. This masterful blend allows the series to transcend the confines of time, painting a portrait of a remarkable era and those who shaped it, appealing to viewers who enjoy TV shows like The Empress.

5. Downtown Abbey

7 Shows To Watch If You Enjoyed Netflix’s The Empress

Downton Abbey unfolds life against the backdrop of the early 20th century. This exquisite historical drama immerses audiences in a realm of social hierarchy, shifting cultural landscapes, and the winds of change. The echoes of history come to life through Downton Abbey as significant events such as the sinking of the Titanic and the relentless grip of the Spanish flu. These pivotal moments add weight and substance to the narrative and mirror the transformation of British society.

With a stellar cast featuring celebrities such as Maggie Smith and Hugh Bonneville, Downton Abbey exudes an irresistible charm. Each character brings a unique flavor to the narrative, their performances projecting wit, elegance, and heartfelt emotion. This addictive saga transports viewers into a lavish world where exquisite costumes, breathtaking sets, and a finely-tuned pace set the stage for a mesmerizing soap opera.

6. The Gilded Age

gilded age - TV Shows Like The Empress

The Gilded Age is a riveting historical drama in 1880s New York. The series takes viewers across the Atlantic to explore the fascinating clash between old and new money on American soil. It’s a refreshing departure from the genre’s typical European setting, offering a different perspective on social dynamics and class struggles.

While romance certainly has its place, The Gilded Age takes a different route, plunging headfirst into the drama surrounding money and social status. This is not an average love story — here, the plot thrives on the gripping dynamics of climbing the social ladder, leaving fans hungry for more with each twist and turn. It’s a world where power, influence, and wealth are fiercely coveted, and every move can make or break one’s future. 

7. Harlots

7 Shows To Watch If You Enjoyed Netflix’s The Empress

Harlots pushes the boundaries of the period drama genre and portrays the triumphs and tribulations of those who defy societal expectations. Set in 1700s London; Harlots takes a bold leap into the captivating realm of a bustling brothel. The riveting narrative of this TV show explores the intricate web of rivalries, politics, and the fight for agency and empowerment, much like The Empress.

Madam Margaret Wells is at the heart of this tale, a fierce woman striving to secure a better life for her family through her brothel business. Margaret must navigate treacherous waters to protect her livelihood and the well-being of those she cares for. In this women-driven series, the men take a back seat, serving as mere side characters.

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