Trainspotting Scribe John Hodge To Write “Bond 25” Script

Trainspotting Scribe John Hodge To Write “Bond 25” Script

The guy who did the script for Trainspotting, John Hodge, is being tapped to write the Bond 25 script in the hopes that he’ll be able to deliver something that can truly amaze the studio heads and convince them that bringing in director Danny Boyle is in fact the right move. He has about two months to bring the script in (no pressure right?) and get it approved, so you can imagine that he’s on pin and needles trying to get this thing done. Should it be approved then Boyle will indeed direct. If not then the idea is to go with the original script that’s already been written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. If that happened then a new director would be needed as well.

Everyone has their different style obviously but for those that worked on Trainspotting, a wildly popular film among those that watched it, there’s no doubt that the next Bond film would look a little different than the others. It might not be readily noticeable but it would certainly be something that was just different enough to indicate the vision and direction of Boyle and the manner in which he chose to depict the famous spy. Whether that’s a good thing or not is all speculation at this point until Hodge manages to get the script in. Turning in a completed script within two months seems like a stretch since it often takes far longer than this for a film of this scope to hammer out the details and make sure that it’s acceptable to those who are going to peruse it and make the final decision on whether it’s acceptable or isn’t worth their time.

But these folks have made a living out of working under pressure at times and for Hodge this might not be a walk in the park, but he’s certainly no stranger to what might seem like a very truncated timetable. The writing of a great story is something that can take a long, arduous time or that can happen over a long weekend or throughout a week. It all depends on the mood and the mindset of the writer. A Bond story however has so many working parts and different elements that bring it together that it absolutely needs someone that can pay close attention detail and bring a level of depth to the story that features layers upon layers so as to make sense of the mythos as well as the current installment.

Any story like this, whether it be Bond or something else, requires a great deal of attention to what has come before no matter if it pertains to the current movie or not. It’s having that knowledge in the forefront of your mind that’s important, not whether you use it or not. Fans of the films want to know that their favorite story is being handled with care, not thrown together in a slapdash way that will sell more tickets. Hodge has a big job ahead of him, but it seems as though he’s up to the challenge.

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