The Top Uses of Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” in Movies or TV

Easy Rider

Born to Be Wild was Steppenwolf’s most popular single and it’s been widely used in pop culture even to this day. The quick tempo and easy sound have been attributed to the easygoing and laid back life of the biker culture that it was written for. There’s even a belief that it was the first heavy metal song released to the public, but that’s not exactly confirmed. What is known is that it’s one of the songs that made Steppenwolf so popular with their fans and one of their songs that’s managed to withstand the test of time. Any song that does that deserves to be remembered.

Here are a few examples of how it’s been used.

5. Herbie: Fully Loaded

Because cars without an attitude of their own just aren’t that much fun, right? Herbie came on the scene a lot earlier than this as a lot of us remember but this attempt to bring back a classic was fairly successful. People had mixed feelings about Herbie making a comeback but really with such a classic you can’t go completely wrong. It was good to see the old bug anyway.

4. Easy Rider

You don’t often get a movie about bikers being anything but violent, but this film shows a quite different side of two bikers that just want to make to New Orleans and chill. After a drug-smuggling run that went off without a hitch they make their way to towards the Big Easy and are accosted more than once during their ride, only to be gunned down near the end for no discernible reason.

3. Married With Children

Al and Steve had the chance to restore an old Mustang that Steve paid for and Al is keeping in his garage. Throughout the episode both men fantasize over what they’ll do when the car is finally fixed up while their wives stare at them in disgust and puzzlement wondering just what in the heck it is about cars that drives some men so batty. No judgment now ladies, we all have our thing.

2. Strictly Come Dancing

It’s not the first song I would think of to tango to, but this couple seems to make it work well enough. I kind of wonder if they really think about these songs before they pick them out or if they just select them because they think they’ll work. It’s hard to know really but in some cases the dances go off without a hitch and in others it’s kind of like watching a moving train wreck. This isn’t too bad though.

1. Problem Child

If there was ever a kid that was absolutely born to be wild it would be Junior. The pint-sized troublemaker is the absolute definition of trouble and he proves it again and again throughout the movie. How many issues does a kid have to have before an entire orphanage is willing to throw a party once he leaves? Plus, any kid that a nun can’t intimidate is definitely past being helped.

Born to be wild!

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