“Here Comes My Arrow” is the New Guardians of the Galaxy Song

“Here Comes My Arrow” is the New Guardians of the Galaxy Song

“Here Comes My Arrow” is the New Guardians of the Galaxy Song

What an interesting video. “Here Comes My Arrow” is just another attempt in a long line of them to justify the changes that came over Yondu from the comics to the movie. In the comics he wasn’t the grizzled old miserable bugger that he appears to be, but more like a noble savage that was deadly with his bow and had a head fin that was natural and not a piece of tech. There’s been a serious switch from the original Yondu to the new and apparently improved version. It was a nice nod however to go back to the curved head fin for the second movie since it was more in keeping in line with the original comic book version.

That being said though the “Legolas sucks” lines don’t really seem that fair. For one, Legolas exists in a timeline where technology is limited and a self-propelled arrow would be seen as a magic trick. Second, Yondu vs. Legolas would be an interesting match largely because Legolas’ reflexes are a great deal better than the blue-skinned Ravager and there’s a good chance he would give Yondu a fair amount of trouble. The only edge that Yondu would have is that he needs only one arrow to do any real damage. But then if Legolas is on his game there’s not a lot of chance that Yondu would get another shot if he missed. And against Legolas, unless he’s caught by surprise, there’s a good chance that Yondu could miss.

Also, that arrow is great and it can punch through pretty much anything, so why not allow it to zig zag it’s way through Ego’s central brain? Instead of blowing the entire planet up give Ego a planet-sized lobotomy so you might all have a chance of escaping. A brain dead Ego might actually be able to stabilize itself instead of forcing everyone to abandon the planet and Yondu to give up his life. The thought needs some fine-tuning but it might have merit if the story hadn’t already been told.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned but I did in fact like the old Yondu. Giving him the new arrow that could zip about and is keyed into just his thoughts would be great, but that’s not how things went. Instead Yondu became an old, scarred up, beat up, grizzled old man that was for the most part just downright unpleasant. There’s no denying that Michael Rooker played the part to perfection, but I kind of wonder how the part of Yondu would have been played if it would have been kept strictly by the book.

Keep in mind that Yondu was one of the founding members of the Guardians of the Galaxy along with Vance Astro, and was one of the guys that stuck around for quite awhile. It’d be nice if those in charge would stick to the original source material now and again and then build from it. They might find that the MCU could sustain itself for generations to come and not worry over what’s going to come next when the current batch of movies wears thin or the audience begins to tire of the same old story.

If they allowed the source material into the mix they would have years upon years of programming whether it was on TV or in films, and legions of dedicated fans who would fawn over what was to come.


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