“Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics as Performed by a Computer Hardware Orchestra

I would love to know how this was done simply because I would like to do it. On a scale of being better than the original it’s not quite up there obviously since the Eurythmics were just awesome when they first came out, but for a computer hardware orchestra this is pretty good. Still, I do want to know just how it was accomplished and what kind of programming is necessary to make this work. Sometimes things like this seem so uniquely awesome that it’s easy to get hyped and want to reproduce them in some way, but the chances of that are slim since when it comes to computers and myself the written word is about the only mastery that I can ever claim, and I don’t do that very often anyway.

In some ways it seems like these type of videos are made by those that have a lot of spare time and nothing better to do than make something really amazing that has no practical value but is still really cool. The skills needed to make this happen are definitely valuable since it takes someone that knows their way around the hardware and knows how to program it all to sync up in time so that this song comes out as well as it did. Somehow this kind of stuff just makes sense to some people and they can do it with very little effort. There are even those moments when such individuals simply don’t understand why it’s hard for other people to grasp the intricacies of what they do.

Writing is the same way. Anything that seems too hard for someone else to write, a writer will look at as rather simple and easy to accomplish. The trick is knowing what you’re good at and how you can apply it to something, anything, that might be at least interesting enough to attempt. Then all it takes is a little bit of passion for what you’re doing and an interest in making it work for you to get it done. This type of thing, programming computer hardware, seems miles above some people, but to others it makes as much sense as putting your pants on one leg at a time.

It might be interesting to see the setup and how each piece was synchronized with the next so as to create the entire piece. That way some folks could get a better understanding of just how it was done. Maybe that’s the rub, some folks, including myself, just aren’t that interested in the internals of their PC, they only care that it works and that it does what they need it to do on a regular basis. That of course is everyone’s desire that owns a PC, but the creator of this clip definitely took it to another level by showing just what they could do with hardware and a simple but popular song that everyone would recognize.

It’s a well-conceived and well-executed plan, so kudos to the creator.

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