The Top Five Megan Cavallari Movie Scores of Her Career

The Top Five Megan Cavallari Movie Scores of Her Career

Megan Cavallari has been around for longer than you might guess and has done more than you would think. Just because you might not have heard of some of these people doesn’t mean that they haven’t been around. The stuff she’s done has been a little different and not as widely viewed but she is still by all accounts a very talented person and has applied her skills in the right way towards furthering her career. If you recognize the clips below then you probably tend to like the odd and lesser known films which is impressive since a lot of people tend to follow the mainstream and don’t think twice about those pieces that aren’t shown to the masses as a rule. Cavallari is a very skillful composer and is able to grip your attention as well as use the music she creates to tweak your emotions when needed.

Here are just a few instances in which she’s applied her skills in a great way.

5. Triggerfish

Triggerfish is about the experiences of the band and how they get along with one another and others, which can be summed up in two words: not well. They’re a bit uppity for a band that few if any people really know about and tend to display a lot of attitude that might not seem suitable for a group that has yet to really go anywhere or do anything of note.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

She did have a hand in helping out with the music in this film but went uncredited for whatever reason.  The overall film was great and even if she didn’t get the credit for it Cavallari knows what she did and can say with some pride that she got to help out with one the most favorite movies of all time. It might have been a little creepy but it was fun anyway.

3. Sex Drugs Guns

This movie just looks nuts. The sex scene in the beginning of it looks pretty lackadaisical while the rest of it looks like it took a serious acid trip and the actors are left to fend for themselves in the aftermath. It really seems like the kind of film that might jump around from person to person depending on the situation and eventually just confuse the viewer.

2. Life After Tomorrow

Be honest, you didn’t think much about the other orphans from the production of Annie once it was all said and done did you? The cute little redhead and her dog got to go off and have a wonderful life and the others just kind of got to stick around and wait for their turn to be picked. As it turns out life was a little rougher for those girls that thought they would have a role for a much longer time.

1. Barbie: The Princess & The Popstar 

Even Barbie had to get in on the movie scene eventually, though she’s been around it for a while now. It seems like something a Barbie fan might like though it also seems like something that might eventually fade. Who knows?

She’s been masterful to this point, so it’s easy to think that Cavallari might ascend to great heights one day.

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