The Top Uses of Ella Fitzgerald Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Ella Fitzgerald Songs in Movies or TV

So who is Ella Fitzgerald? To anyone that knows her music she’s a legend. She was singing when most of us weren’t even thought of yet and her voice has become something of a mythical sound that’s still very real. Ella started singing in 1934 and by 1942 had taken off on a solo career that took her through the rest of her impressive fifty-nine year career. In all that time she amassed one award after another as she collaborated with some of the best in the business and created songs that people still sing to this very day. The sound of her voice is so lovely that just to listen to it sends you back to another time when things weren’t all that simple but at least the music was a balm to soothe the troubled nerves.

She passed in 1996, three years after her final performance.

5. Joy-I Want To Be Happy

This movie is all about a woman that has so much to deal with in her life that only a momentous change will do anything to help it move forward. So thinking she creates an invention that’s just as much of a headache as it is a haven for her hopes and dreams. Along the way she has a great many hurdles to contend with, but by the end she’s found her happiness and a way to move forward.

4. Grumpier Old Men-Dream A Little Dream of Me

The first movie was awesome and hilarious, and the second one was just as good and even a little better. John has found a woman to love and be close to, now it’s Max that’s lonely and needs someone in his life. Yet the only woman that will have him is the only woman that he can’t seem to stand at first, even though their passions kindle throughout the film.

3. Robbie Williams-It’s De-Lovely

Ella Fitzgerald songs seem like they’d be easy to sing in theory but there is a subtle quality to her songs that needs to be understood and realized before one simply dives in. It’s the emotion and the feeling of the song that requires some respect and a lot of due diligence before just going out to sing. So long as someone gets that point then they should do just fine.

2. Bunheads-Makin’ Whoopee

This film is pretty much about a woman trying to adjust to a different lifestyle in order to follow through on a move she made after thinking that this was what she wanted. Seeing as how her life as a Vegas show girl was at an end she felt the need to settle down with someone, and a constant admirer was about the best she could hope for and what seemed like the best course.

1. Ella Fitzgerald-Cheek to Cheek

This song has been used in a lot of movies and almost always comes on when there’s a slow, meaningful moment about to happen between two people that are either romantically involved, or when there’s just a tender scene about to come up. In either case it’s a nice, melodic piece that flows perfectly.

Ella Fitzgerald is a legend in the music industry, don’t forget that.

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