The Top Uses of Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out For a Hero” in Movies or TV

Out of all the songs that Bonnie Tyler has performed, Holding Out for A Hero is one of the most remembered and the most used.  There are others of course but this one seems to touch people in a special place that invokes a host of emotions that make the films and the song more memorable. It’s actually been attributed more to the LGBTQ cause than anything but overall it is a type of torch song that speaks of the heroes of old and laments that they’ve gone. Of course the rallying cry is that a hero of such magnitude is needed again and must rise from the ashes to save the day once more, no matter who they are or what form they take. It’s a very strong and romantic song that gives visions of the idealistic hero that fights for the cause of right and seeks to uphold the virtuous, what a lot of folks think that heroism should be.

Of course that ideal changes throughout the years, but you get the point.

5. Shrek 2

Shrek isn’t your ideal hero. He’s a big, nasty green ogre that originally preferred sticking close to home and living out his days in solitude as he desired. But then he went on a quest, met Fiona, and found out that life wasn’t worth living alone any longer. But when someone tries to take her away and ruin the life he wanted he’s more than willing to step up to the plate and be that hero.

4. Dancing With The Stars

As much as the song seems geared towards the LGBTQ community it also has that highly romantic quality that seems to bring forth visions of the old, stereotypical woman that is waiting for her prince to save her. Thankfully that stereotype has been changing and been almost put in the past as more and more women are starting to take charge and become the hero type.

3. Who’s Harry Crumb?

Harry Crumb was the sleuth you didn’t really rely on even though he had the skills to get the job done. As far as action movies go John Candy wasn’t your typical action star. In fact he wasn’t technically an action star, but he could play the part if need be, with a lot of help obviously. Still, this has to be one of the most underrated movies of his career since it was pretty funny.

2. Short Circuit 2

Johnny was not the average, or even normal, robot. In the second movie Johnny 5 becomes an unwitting accomplice to a jewel heist and after finding out goes after the culprit as fast as he can. With his systems failing though he’s on the verge of shutting down completely as he seeks to stop Oscar from getting away with the crime. What he does would be insane for a human but is hard to imagine for a robot.

1. Footloose

Before this scene I had never heard of playing chicken with a tractor. It’s definitely something to think about and perhaps not something you would want to do in the first place since this is a heavy piece of machinery and could do a lot of damage even at half speed.

Sometimes we all need a hero.

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