The Best Uses of Christina Aguilera Songs in Movies or TV

In the earlier years of her life Christina Aguilera used music as an escape from a life that was rather rough in her estimation, and it seems to have been a great idea that flowered fully as she continued to grow. At the age of 8 she started singing for others, and eventually she was singing the national anthem at sporting events and even moving on to audition for the Mickey Mouse Club. She didn’t meet the age requirements at first but she auditioned again two years later and made her way onto the show, at least until it was cancelled in 1994. She did get the chance to star with Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Keri Russell, and a few other individuals. From that point her career started moving in an upward direction as her voice was her greatest asset and her looks began to develop, giving her the allure that so many people locked on when she started out.

Here are some of her songs as used in movies and TV.

5. Christina Aguilera – Lady Marmalade

Inspired by and used for the film Moulin Rouge! this song was one of the hottest that came out during this time period since the women in the video were quite simply among the hottest acts in the business. Lil Kim, Maya, P!nk, and Christina were obviously very sexualized in this video, as was the point, but it also is enough to say that some people might actually have had a problem with the video and might still at this point. But in all fairness they were dressed for the movie and as a result it means that they looked rather sexy and managed to make the video that much more effective.

4. Lip Sync Battle – Genie In A Bottle

You had to know that eventually Christina’s songs would be featured on a show such as this since they give themselves over to karaoke and lip syncing for a fun purpose. Christina has been one of the hottest pop stars throughout the years and the use of her songs has been something that’s an homage to everything she’s done and the greatness she’s achieved. In fact Genie In A Bottle was one of her first and hottest songs that really kickstarted her career, bringing her into the spotlight and making it clear that she was someone to watch and had a career that was worth paying attention to.

3. Life of the Party – Fighter

Melissa McCarthy has come a long way in her career and this movie might not have been the high point but it was still pretty funny since it paints her in an empowering role that shows that a woman can in fact be a strong and very powerful individual that can change her life. When her husband up and divorces her after their daughter goes to college she decides to do something about the state of her life and goes back to school. Of course that’s going to open itself up to a lot of hilarity since McCarthy is the kind of actress and comedian that is going to get a reaction from most people since she’s definitely worth the effort.

2. Get Smart – Ain’t No Other Man

Remember this old show? The fact that they tried to make it into a movie is great and the cast was even picked in a way that should have made it something special. But for some reason it just wasn’t received all that well and it kind of bombed out. However, when you really watch it you can see how it’s possible to notice that it was in fact a good film and something worth laughing at as well as claiming is worth more than the critics decided to write. That being said it’s a subjective opinion as to what is considered good and what’s bad, and in all honesty this movie wasn’t all that bad.

1. What Women Want – What A Girl Wants

Fathers and daughters constantly at odds, it’s a natural part of having daughters that is just as common as fathers wanting to protect their daughters and daughters wanting to be daddy’s little girl. But the truth of it is that as close as they can be it’s also just as true that they can be polar opposites when it comes to various parts of their lives. But no matter what happens between fathers and daughters (yes it’s repetitive for a reason) it’s important to note that both of them are constantly looking out for one another no matter if they realize it or not. In this movie the father kind of has to learn how to actually listen rather than assume, but he’s at least willing to listen and respond, rather than just tell her what to do.

Her career has changed throughout the years but she still has a beautiful voice and is a very popular singer.

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