The Top Five Uses of Wang Chung’s “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” in Movies or TV

The Top Five Uses of Wang Chung’s “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” in Movies or TV

This is one of those songs that you either hate or love. It’s also one of the most memorable of Wang Chun, having been released in the mid to late 80’s when it was picked up in nightclubs and all across America for various purposes. It’s also been used in TV and movies throughout the years simply for nostalgic reasons and because people tend to enjoy the memory of being young and dancing to the song. There seems to be a big upswing for those songs created and released decades before now as the music industry seems to be bringing a lot of them back for limited runs or in ways that allow people to enjoy them even if they’re not released in their original forms. It’s interesting really how every now and again people will look back and enjoy the past hits while still claiming that the current industry is where it’s at.

Here are a few instances in which everyone just wanted to have fun tonight

5. Kids Incorporated

Anyone remember this show? It debuted back in 1983 and became a big hit mostly because it was all about kids and all for kids. It dealt with a big variety of issues that kids had to deal such as social issues, child abuse, peer pressure, and the entire gamut of problems and triumphs that kids go through while growing up. I can still remember the theme song, how great is that?

4. Ricki and the Flash

It’s kind of an odd role for Meryl Streep, but then considering that it’s something that allows her to be front and center and still claim to be someone that’s in need of attention it’s perfect. Ricki is quite simply a mom that left her family to pursue her dreams and didn’t look back, ever. While it’s supposed to be somewhat positive and upbeat the movie is kind of a dud.

3. That 70’s Show

Give Fez points for trying. He’s definitely the life of the show sometimes for the simple reason that he doesn’t give up and keeps a positive attitude even when everyone else is down in the dumps or unsure of themselves. This show was a bit of a confusing bit for a while but once it got its legs under it the laughs were pretty constant and the issues they dealt with seemed very real.

2. Beavis and Butthead

It’s getting harder and harder to find a band that Beavis and Butthead haven’t made fun of in some way. Honestly it’s to be expected since that’s one of their sole reasons for ever having existed. In some ways it’s comical because to be quite honest when you look at the manner in which bands perform you can’t help but snicker at a few things every once in a while.

1. Wang Chung

Like always, go to the source when you want to find the greatest example of any band or artist on TV. This video is a little odd since the movement can tend to unnerve people but the song is still classic and is easy to get into. If nothing else a person can just listen and not risk having a seizure after watching the frantic movement.

So, who’s going to Wang Chung tonight?


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