The Top Five Uses of The Spice Girls Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Five Uses of The Spice Girls Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Five Uses of The Spice Girls Songs in Movies or TV

If this was the 1990’s I might not feel too secure in saying this but seeing as how it’s now and the Spice Girls have been over for about a half a decade I think I’ll take the chance. The popular girl band had their shot and they made a good accounting of it for a while but with only a few hit songs they didn’t stand much of a chance competing when they couldn’t come up with enough new material to really keep their fans entertained. They weren’t a flash in the pan, they did their part to become popular and were a worldwide sensation for a while, but about the time they did their infamous movie, Spice World, was about the time that it was necessary to just watch as their fame started to dwindle. I’ll man up and admit that I listened to their music and even sang along for a bit, but after just a few hit songs they became another girl band that didn’t have enough staying power.

They’re still a fond memory though.

5. Family Guy

This had to be their number one most popular song that got everyone going and launched their career into the stratosphere. Unfortunately it was also a song that became quite old after about a dozen repetitions at high volume. After a few cold ones at local karaoke bar everybody tended to think that they could shake it and sing just as well as the Spice Girls on some nights.

4. Strictly Come Dancing-Spice Up Your Life

I know a lot of people enjoy these performances but it seems like some of the couples really don’t prep all that much with each other before going out on the floor. Wouldn’t that be a liability of some sort, either because of the things they do or because it could produce poor ratings? Really, who wants to see a couple bumbling around on the dance floor to a song that a lot of people have forgotten?

3. Small Soldiers-Wannabe

If you’ve seen the movie you’ve got to at least admit that it made you grin to see this song being used as psychological warfare. It was just too great since for all intents and purposes it could be just that when the same song is blasted over and over without cease until the enemy just can’t take it any more. The only thing worse than this might be Yoko Ono.

2. Spice Girls-2 Become 1

They weren’t always bouncing around the place trying to stay energized and get the fans into the song. They could carry a tune just as well as anyone and had several songs that highlighted this fact. The only problem was that they banked so much on their songs that promoted more energy and verve that these tracks didn’t do a lot for them when they came out.

1. Spice Girls-Who Do You Think You Are

As sexist as it might seem the Spice Girls were more or less seen as sex symbols and their whole Girl Power movement was kind of undercut by this fact. They created an image that was a little bit bit pop star and a lot more about their looks than their talent. This has to be part of why they didn’t last when the competition came to play.

They had their moment in the sun and it was good for a while. If they’d learned how to diversify earlier on they might have lasted longer.

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