Five Movie Directors Who Are Also Great Musical Composers

Five Movie Directors Who Are Also Great Musical Composers

It’s not often that you find a director that’s been known to compose a bit of music as well, but it does happen. The chances are that they probably don’t do this for all of their films if any of them really but with some of them you might find that they like to do a lot of it on their own just to kind of save their budget and perhaps take pride in what they’re doing. Or there could be another reason why they do it as well.

After all, everyone’s got their thing.

5. John Carpenter

Seeing as how he’s the originator of Halloween it makes sense that Carpenter’s contribution to his own film would be something creepy and endearing to horror fans. There’s enough ice in the music to chill anyone’s spine since the Halloween series was something that got off to a great start and somehow stalled for a while until Carpenter or someone else could find a way to rekindle it and add some more chilling touches to it.

4. David Lynch

There’s definitely something odd to Lynch’s composition since it sounds great enough but the movie this piece was written for was so far out of left field that a lot of people simply didn’t get the idea. The music fit of course but the movie was something that people really had to get to into and understand on a level that wasn’t entirely easy.

3. Trey Parker

This doesn’t seem to be all that surprising since Trey Parker and Matt Stone have done so much to bring South Park to the general public. They’ve either been involved, done everything themselves, or overseen everything that has to do with the show so learning that they’ve composed the songs as well isn’t really hard to believe. After all it might not have conformed to what they wanted it to be if someone else had done it.

2. Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was the kind of all-around guy that could do just about everything and make it work. He’s one of those few that’s one of a kind and won’t be likely be seen again in this lifetime, if ever. The works that he created during his life were something quite special and in all honesty the fact that he was able to do so much speaks highly of his level of talent as well as the dedication that he put into whatever he did.

1. Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood is another guy that seems like can do a lot of different things while only being really well-known for a couple of them. His talents throughout the years have convinced a lot of people that he’s another person in a short line that have made everyone believe that he’s a multi-talented star that won’t be seen again in their lifetime. He’s the last of a dying breed really and at this time it’s great that he’s proven to be such an entertainer, especially since he’s proven capable of being much more than people expected.

Directors are often multi-talented, which is beneficial for a lot of people really.

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