The Top Five Uses of the Song “Eye of the Tiger” in Movies

The Top Five Uses of the Song “Eye of the Tiger” in Movies

The Top Five Uses of the Song “Eye of the Tiger” in Movies

We all remember this iconic song from Survivor. When it hit in Rocky III we all knew that things were about to get real. Since that time the song has been used in a lot of different movies in different ways, usually as a type of parody to denote the seriousness of a situation no matter how comedic. It’s still easy to recognize and usually comes off sounding just as cool as ever no matter the situation it’s being used in.

Here are a few films that have been used as a vehicle for Survivor’s most played hit.

5. Big Hero 6

You might think that the track was used when Hiro, Baymax, and the others were outfitted to become a superhero team, but that’s not it. In fact Baymax wasn’t even much of a factor in the film yet when Hiro began to think up his own manner of tech to get into his big brothers “nerd school” as he so eloquently put it. The funny thing about the song and its use in this film is that it gets going strong as usual and then kind of fizzles out as soon as Hiro’s pencil gets within an inch of the first page of his ideas.

4. Turbo

Forget the fact that it’s a cartoon and cartoons are usually meant to be funny. This time the song is actually meant to denote that things have gotten very real and that the tension is very, very high. As improbable as it might seen, remember it’s a cartoon, Turbo enters one of the biggest races ever and is set to win the Indy 500. Of course he has a lot of obstacles to go through, around, over, and under, but the story is one of such determination and pulse-pounding action that the song immediately fits.

3. Rebound

The underdogs almost always need a mood-setting song to go with their overall appearance and vibe. Strangely enough this song doesn’t come in until right near the end credits. The team has returned as champions to their school, they’re strutting their stuff, and are soon joined by their coach who has finally found his place in the hierarchy of basketball. Too bad it’s right in front of the wrong door as it opens and smashes him flat.

2. The Animal

Rob Schneider plays the role of the lovable loser quite well. In this film the song is obviously a parody as he’s living in a garage and has to continually talk himself up just to get out the door every day. But give him credit, nothing really stops him from trying as hard as he can, even when that’s nowhere near enough.

1. Rocky III

You would think that this song would mean that stuff is about to get real and Rocky is about to go off as the man. But in truth this is more about his rise to fame and the truth is, it’s given to him. Mick is right when he says he hasn’t been hungry since he won the belt, but then again Mick is kind of an enabler considering that he handpicks Rocky’s opponents. Give him this much, he doesn’t want to see his fighter get hurt. But saving a fighter dulls their edge faster than age ever could.

Eye of The Tiger is an awesome song and one that you just know gets most people pumped up. Maybe that’s why as a parody it’s not really that bad.


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