The Top Five Uses of Foghat’s “Slow Ride” in Movies

This is a song a lot of us grew up with and will listen to just when we want something simple and to the point. Today’s music isn’t bad or anything, it’s just that we want to listen to something that takes us back to the simpler days when listening to music was a lot more fun and less complicated. This song also translates very easily to many films and lends itself to a variety of scenes in which the general feeling is either one of being laid back or taking control of a situation in a way that’s simply awesome.

So let’s kick on back and see what we find.

5. Bad Moms

Frustration is a pain when it’s not a shared thing. No mom, and no parent, should be made to do virtually everything in a relationship, especially when the other member of the household are so capable of helping out. There are a lot of moms that would no doubt like to do the same exact thing as Mila Kunis in this film and just kick back, go nuts, and kick off their shoes while they go out and rock their socks off. Seriously, skip the PTA meeting and let the kids fend for themselves, they’ll be fine for at least a day or two.

4. Wild Hogs

There’s no set age for being cool no matter what the younger generation thinks. Going cross country on a motorcycle is the dream of a lot of guys from their teens to their later years. These guys thankfully get up and go finally and despite a few snags along the way are living the dream. It’s not all road grit and freedom to be true but it’s a chance to get out and be able to say they’ve done something, even if they leave a few teeth behind after a brawl with a bunch of bikers.

3. Dazed and Confused

This movie seems to show up a lot when these type of cool, laid back songs come up. And why not? It’s one of the most iconic movies around when it comes to being edgy, cool, and all about being young and a little bit dumb. The freedom of youth is a wonderful thing really, and this film shows that in spades. Considering this film helped to launch a few different careers of its main actors you can’t help but think that it’s more than earned its place in history.

2. I Love You Philip Morris

It’s hard to think about why or how anyone could switch their life around so drastically but in this day and age it’s not that far-fetched really. Steven does one thing after another that gets him in hot water with one or another person and eventually rubs the law the wrong way as he is then sent to prison. There he meets Phillip Morris and establishes a deep relationship with the man that lasts right up until he’s sent back to prison when he breaks the law yet again.

1. Jack Frost

Despite it’s hefty budget Jack Frost didn’t garner a great deal of buzz in the box office. But the film did manage to catch enough attention that it’s remembered fondly. The story of a father that wants to connect with his son but is always on the road is one that remains a classic today. This film put in the twist of the father passing away after an accident only to be brought back in the form of a snowman so that he can reconnect with his son once again. It’s a different premise to be certain, but it’s still a fun movie.

You’ll note the last two clips don’t feature the song, but it is in there. Despite the prevalence of Slow Ride in all of these movies, a couple were rather hard to find.


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