The Top Five Todd Phillips Directed Movies of His Career

The Top Five Todd Phillips Directed Movies of His Career

Taking a look at the movies that Todd Phillips has directed you get the sense that he likes to have fun and create comedic performances that can last in the memory and actually make you wince while you’re laughing. That’s the kind of humor he tends to deliver since some of his movies are kind of raunchy but never so over the top that you have to turn away. Some of his best stuff though has been so heavily criticized that some people have stayed away from it even though they’re also some of the funniest movies ever made.

This is when you need to make up your own mind and ignore the critics.

5. Starsky and Hutch

A remake of the original, Starsky and Hutch didn’t get that great of ratings when it came out but it did manage to become something of a favorite among fans of Stiller and Wilson. The two make a pretty good pair when put together in a movie and at the very least they’re funny enough when it comes to making a film work. It could have been that people felt that Starsky and Hutch didn’t need to be revisited, but it was still a great effort.

4. Due Date

A man attempting to reach his pregnant wife before she gives birth to their child meets up with a struggling actor that very quickly becomes the bane of his existence. The movie is almost like another version of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with the difference being that Zach Galifinakis is a great deal more eccentric than John Candy ever was and a lot crazier to boot. But still, the pairing between the two men is something that pans out as one of the funnier dramas to date.

3. Road Trip

For a long time the road trip has been a time-honored tradition of many college kids. This one in particular goes off the rails a little more than usual however since the kind of mayhem these guys get into would come with a jail sentence by the end of the movie at the very least. Stealing a bus from a blind woman and a school district would be bad enough, but causing a ruckus over a piece of mail and leaving the scene of an accident would be big no-no’s.

2. Old School

Phillips definitely has a thing for the college movies, especially when he’s allowed to get wild and crazy with them. When Mitch finds his girlfriend in bed with two absolute strangers playing some weird sex game in his house he moves out and tries to restart his life. However when his friend Beanie insists that they start a fraternity after he’s threatened by the dean of the nearby college to vacate the premises, the fun really gets started.

1. The Hangover 

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Well that might be the case but it’s usually nice to know just exactly what DID happen before you can leave it there. Thanks to Alan what should have been a wild bachelor party turned into something far more life-threatening and hilarious instead.

Oh yes, Phillips loves a good crazy comedy.

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