The Top Five Natalie Portman Crying Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Natalie Portman Crying Scenes in Movies

The Top Five Natalie Portman Crying Scenes in Movies

Watching a crying scene with Natalie Portman in it is seems almost like intruding upon a very private and difficult moment, as though you’re spying on her innermost thoughts. But that’s how good of an actress she is that she allows you to believe this through her acting. Watching anyone cry can be disturbing and uncomfortable for some individuals but onscreen it takes a real actor to make it look genuine. Portman has shed her fair share of tears on the big screen more than once and almost every time they’ve looked absolutely genuine in a way that almost makes it look like she’s having a breakdown on set. One can only imagine what kind of skill you need to have to separate your emotions in such a manner so as to cry when you need to and stop when the director yells cut.

She’s one of the best at it, that’s for sure.

5. Black Swan

Perfection is everything for this character. She strives to be the absolute best she can be and to outshine all others so that she might be thought of as a legend in the making.   Unfortunately the psychosis that is created by this runs so deep that she eventually starts making mistakes, tripping up where she once was so solid, and seeing things are simply not there. I think that’d cause anyone to break down.

4. Brothers

It might seem extremely cold to sleep with your husband’s brother even if he’s been presumed dead, but some would argue that a woman has needs. When the husband suddenly comes home however it’s bound to be difficult to go back to things being the way they were. How does a wife fix this? How does she take what amounts to a broken soldier and husband and make him well again?

3. V for Vendetta

Sometimes you must break to be free. And in so breaking, you must lose absolutely everything that a human being can stand to lose without being pushed over the brink. V is the epitome of what can become of a broken man, while Evey is the emissary to his madness, a chaotic light in the darkness and grimy shadow of a corrupt system that must be turned upon itself.

2. Leon: The Professional

Matilda is in many ways Leon’s last chance to connect with the world, and he is her last chance of survival. If not for each other their lives might have been very different. However much they can’t stand each other for a brief period of time after living together they eventually come to an agreement that he will train her while she will do whatever he says.

1. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

Padme is a very tragic character in the Star Wars movies. She wants so badly to love Anakin, the father of their children, but cannot cope with what he’s become when he joins the Sith. Her will to live is sapped by the end of the movie, and so she passes from a life spent doing anything and everything she could for others, while giving birth to the future of the known galaxy.

Natalie Portman is one of the best actresses in Hollywood, no question.

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