The Top Five “Jumping Out of a Plane” Scenes in Movies

The Top Five “Jumping Out of a Plane” Scenes in Movies

The Top Five “Jumping Out of a Plane” Scenes in Movies

Why anyone would want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane is insanity, but then again, insanity is my middle name. People don’t need a lot more reason to jump out of a plane other than they want to and they enjoy the rush. Some folks do it to get the adrenaline high, others do it because it’s a spiritual experience in their mind. Whatever the case a lot of people have jumped from airplanes for the sheer thrill of it and the ability to touch the sky if only for a handful of moments. Those that are afraid or don’t want to ever have this experience can’t help but feel just a slight twinge of regret that their fear of heights, falling, or the unknown keep them back, no matter if they insist that that’s not it.

It is, kind of, but we don’t hold it against them.

5. Drop Zone

Wesley Snipes goes out searching for the people that killed his brother and stole his prisoner. In order to do this he has to enter an entirely different culture, that of the skydiver. While it might look simple enough and seem like something that anyone can do he learns very different his first time out when he’s actually dropped from an airplane without warning.

4. Eraser

This is pure Hollywood magic and a lot of us love it. First of all it wouldn’t matter how strong you were, holding onto the side of a plane while it’s moving through the air just shouldn’t be that possible. And then, tack on the luck of not hitting a single thing when he falls from doorway and then unerringly reaches the pack and unfurls the parachute. See? Movie magic, gotta love it.

3. Godzilla

Jumping into a war zone would be more welcome than this you would figure, especially since in a war zone people are shooting ordnance that you know and understand. There typically isn’t a giant lizard that can shoot nuclear blasts at you or slap you from one city to the next with its tail. The troops in this movie would have likely preferred to be dropped somewhere in the Middle East rather than into this hellish battleground.

2. Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

So who would be worse, Godzilla or the Decepticons? Personally I’d rather take my chances with Godzilla since the big lizard doesn’t have onboard target and threat assessment procedures that will immediately identify anything he doesn’t understand as a threat that needs to be destroyed. Plus, Godzilla wasn’t ready to annihilate all humans, whereas the Decepticons were.

1. Point Break

Jumping without a parachute is not the best idea in the world. Threatening a guy at gunpoint with your other arm wrapped around him in case he opens his chute is not a smart move. And waiting until the last possible second to open said chute is more than just stupid, it’s usually quite fatal. At that speed neither man should have been getting up that quickly, if they managed to get up at all.

Remember, gravity is waiting right outside.

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