The Top Five Hugh Jackman Yelling Scenes in Movies

Hugh Jackman when he’s yelling seems more like a raw and primal force of nature than a man really. Even when his role isn’t that of a berserker or a madman he still has that deep, rich tone that makes it sound like he MEANS whatever he’s yelling about. Throughout his career he’s been a great actor thus far and no matter what he’s done or will continue to do there are a few roles that he’s going to be known for best since he played them off so well. Of course you can probably guess what the top role is out of all of them.

He puts a lot into his roles, that’s why he’s such a great actor.

5. The Prestige

Losing your wife is not an easy thing at all, but losing her during what should be a routine trick for an illusionist is something that seems immeasurably worse since it should have never happened in the first place. But the worst part of it is hearing from the man that tied the knot is that he can’t remember which knot he tied your wife up with in the first place. After all, how could someone not remember that?

4. Swordfish

We like to believe that the cops know what they’re doing in a terrorist crisis but in the movies that rarely seems to be the case. The cops that act so gung-ho about these things tend to make matters worse because they mess with people that are so set in their mission that there’s no doubt that they’ll carry out their threat. The only problem is that the cops never seem to realize that and always try to alleviate the situation while making it worse.

3. Real Steel

Charlie didn’t think that Atom would ever get this far but by the final fight with the reigning champion he’s fully into the match and he’s not going to back down. The only problem is that Zeus is just flat out tough and doesn’t give Atom any room to breathe. It’s only when Charlie instructs Atom to deliver a right uppercut that connects that Zeus is seen to be anything but invincible or impervious to attack.

2. Pan

Yet another take on the legend of Peter Pan, Jackman takes up the role of Blackbeard, a pirate captain that uses the magical fairy dust called Pixium to keep himself from aging. He strikes a rather disturbing figure as the dreaded pirate but also plays such a great role that it’s easy to see that he and the others in this film are not why it was looked over so much. Perhaps the legend of Pan had just run its course for the time being.

1. Logan

Logan is who a lot of people think about when they think of Hugh Jackman. This was to be his last performance as the famed mutant that helped to make the X-Men movies so great, but there’s always talks and rumors about him making another appearance. Don’t hold your breath though.

Madman or berserker, Jackman is one of the best when it comes to yelling onscreen.

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