The Top Five Forest Whitaker Yelling Scenes in Movies

When you look at Forest Whitaker and listen to him talk you don’t really get the idea that he’s much of a yeller, but that he can do it. In most of his movies he does raise his voice at least once but it’s usually to get a point across or because he’s angry. In other words, if he has to he will, but not before. When he does raise his voice to yell though you know about since it comes across loud and clear without anything but air between his voice and your ears. That’s a full-voiced yell right there, though he’s played at least a few characters that had a softer and more pained voice so that the yelling was kind of turned down just a bit.

But you still get the point when his voice raises.

5. Phonebooth

In a city where virtually every three to four people out of five have cell phones you would think that a phone booth would be the last thing you’d think about entering unless you happened to need to get out of the rain for a moment. Even back in the time when this movie was made you would have thought it odd to find one that was still functioning, but the shooter in this movie uses it as a great prop to set up the eventual torment of the main character. Whitaker gets to be the detective that tries his best to get the guy out of it.

4. Southpaw

Training a guy like Billy Hope can’t be easy, especially since after the death of his wife he’s kind of a headcase. But Tick does a fine job and gets Billy back into fighting shape since Billy is trying to get his daughter and his life back. Tick is the kind of guy that doesn’t take a lot of guff from anyone. He’s a big guy with a bigger heart that wants to help, but he’s got his own issues that he needs to deal with too.

3. The Last King of Scotland

It’s easy to think that someone’s a savior and turn a blind eye to the atrocities they commit, but it becomes harder with each new level of horror that’s levied in the face of one’s blissful ignorance. Garrigan couldn’t help but be enamored of Amin until he discovered just how far Amin would go to procure his power and how much further he would go to keep it. This film was highly criticized for not being accurate enough, though many people still enjoyed it.

2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Saw is not and idealist, he is a realist in the most extreme sense of the word. He knows that the Empire has to be overthrown, but he also knows that being as cruel to the enemy as they are to him is the only way that the change that is desired is ever going to happen. That might seem a bit extreme but it is a measure that he takes seriously. He loves the Rebellion, he supports it, but he stand outside of it as well.

1. The Butler

Cecil Gaines has a job that is a lot more important and a lot more crucial than many might realize. He’s the man that hears and sees everything in the White House and throughout the course of his career sees a great deal of change happen. But he can’t say anything about it, as that’s not his job. He’s there to run the White House in a sense and make certain that the acting president is given everything they need and attended to as needed.

Imagine the secrets such a man must have known.

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