The Top Five Ed Skrein Movie Roles of His Career

The Top Five Ed Skrein Movie Roles of His Career

The Top Five Ed Skrein Movie Roles of His Career

Ed Skrein is the perfect guy to play a villain when you need one. He’s got that devilish look that suggests he’s up to no good even if he’s the protagonist of the movie. Yet for all that he’s still a good actor and makes you hate him or like him depending on what part he’s playing. He’s been in a lot of lesser roles but he’s also played great roles like he did in Deadpool and Game of Thrones for a short period of time. It’s kind of hard to understand why he’s not been used more often, but there are several movies coming out eventually that will hopefully make good use of his talents.

When you can hate a character it means the actor is doing a good job after all.

5. Sword of Vengeance-Treden

The title kind of says it all since this is a movie that shows the same formula that’s been used in many movies. A populace is suffering under the cruel and unforgiving rule of a tyrannical lord, the people want to rise up against him, and a stranger makes his way into their midst that can help them take back their lives. It’s a very common plot that’s been used in many genres but what sets them all apart are the casts they use and how believable or entertaining they are.

4. Transporter Refueled-Frank Martin Jr.

It has to be said that this Transporter didn’t win the crowds over as much as the original, but it was a great attempt at making a go of it since the original had kind of worn itself out by the third movie. This time however it becomes far more personal when those coming after Frank take his father as a hostage and demand that he return what his clients stole from them, as they attempted to frame him for the robbery.

3. Tiger House-Callum

There’s always a robber that’s worse than the rest of the bunch in the group. Callum is that guy that will kill anyone just because he feels the need to leave no witnesses behind and possibly because he’s just a bit jumpy at times. Be that as it may he’s dedicated enough to go through with it and isn’t willing to risk his freedom when it comes to someone being able to give a description. Of course he’s not the brightest among them either.

2. The Model-Shane White

The story is really about the young woman that attempts to become a high class, elite model before she discovers just how much pressure the lifestyle will place on her. Shane White is the photographer that she falls for, but also the man that is highly possessive and will go postal in a second flat if he finds out that she’s cheating on him or has been seduced by another. It’s a very odd world that’s depicted in the movie but one that shows a high level of tension that’s better left to those that can handle it.

1. Deadpool-Ajax

Ajax is full of himself and for good reason. He’s super-tough, super-strong, and he doesn’t feel pain the way others do. He’s also the guy responsible for Wade Wilson looking the way he does thanks to an experiment that gave Wade his healing factor. Arming a person that might one day your enemy is a poor choice in hindsight.

As the bad guy he’s just awesome.

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